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All that you want to know about Scholarships

Scholarships are fully funded or partially funded opportunities for students having the potential of progress in the ladder of academic success but lacking resources to achieve that.

Corporations, organizations and academic and research institutes offer individuals with talent, these opportunities to pursue and accomplish their mutual interest.

Students want to complete their studies while those providing scholarships have multiple interests ranging from marketing to talent enhancement.


Daily Newspapers

The greatest source of scholarships is the daily newspapers, especially newspapers of holidays either national or internet.


The second source is that of websites of academic and research institutes.

Higher Education Commissions

Higher education commissions, i.e., HEC in case of Pakistan and DAAD in case of Germany. Every governmental body across the globe have access and fully aware of such opportunities.

Magazines and Journals

Academic magazines and research journals are rich sources of scholarships.


People who have secured such scholarships is another great source of information about such opportunities, their procedures, hurdles in the process and hardships after acquiring such opportunities.

Office of Advanced Studies

Every university and the postgraduate institute has an office for dealing with higher education concerns. They are entitled to give you information about such scholarships.

Departmental Notice Boards

Noticeboards of Concerned departments in academic structure. If you are looking for scholarship in Biology you will find it on concerned departmental noticeboards.

How to apply


It is very simple, read carefully the eligibility section of any scholarship you wish to apply. This is the first step you have to take.

If you are eligible then apply. If you are not then don’t waste your precious time.

Program Offerings

The second step is to look for the program suits your research or interest in research. If you find out that you are applying for a program which doesn’t interest you at all.

You will lose your motivation and you will just waste your energies and resources in vain.

Scholarship Coverage

This is another important step you must consider before applying for any scholarship.

Questions you may have before stepping towards coverage section of any given scholarship are:

What this scholarship actually covers? Is it only covering educational expenses or accommodation and other expenses too?

Can you adjust yourself in that environment and society?

Can you fulfill your responsibilities whatever it may be while you are in that scholarship program?

If all answers are yes then you may proceed, otherwise, it is good for you to not consider this opportunity and look for another one.

Application Procedure

Now it is time to consider this section of a scholarship. Some institutes and organizations encourage applicants to apply only online.

Others offline while some need both. So, be careful about this, read twice this section and apply accordingly.

In this section, you will find the pro and cons of application.

Some institutes encourage you to apply directly while some through proper channels, i.e., supervisor, department, university, employer e.t.c.


After satisfaction from the overall procedure of application, fill and update application form and required documents and send it to respective and concerned institute.

They will respond to you and then you will acquire a scholarship. This was all we could inform you about scholarships. For your bright future, we wish you good luck.

In the section below, we are giving you some important links to follow and further inform yourself about scholarships.

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