ANish Academy

The Academy of Personal Excellence

Our mission is to provide products and services related to life skills, which will help you to lead your life successfully. That will grow you mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Here we will focus on skills which are the most essential skill set you need more than ever to survive in modern society.

What are life skills?

Life skills are those skills that help you to lead your life successfully.

These grow us mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

They are numerous, however here we will focus on skills which are more important than others and we need more than ever to survive in modern society.

Our focus will be on:

  • Personality Grooming
  • Communication Skills
  • Management Skills
  • Intelligence
  • Managing Fears and Anxieties
  • Yoga and Meditations
  • Leadership skills

The question is, why are these skills our focus of attention? To answer this question, we have to define first what they are all about.

Personality Grooming

Personality Grooming is to provide our students, skills, and strategies to groom their personalities.

Communication Skills

Are essential skills of modern society’s interpersonal relationships from individuals to groups and from national to international relations.

They all are relying on these essential skills to resolve conflicts and communicate about their benefits and concerns in effective manners while maintaining mutual respect.

Management Skills

Are nowadays essential to survive in the era of distraction to achieve goals.

Success Mindset

It is necessary for success because success is more psychological than mechanical.


It is all about aptitudes and ways to deal with the environment around us intelligently.

Managing Fears

To overcome and conquer them to achieve what is possible?

Anxieties and worries

Are those barriers that kill the spirit and let those haunting souls and hearts. If not treated cripples all possibilities of growth.

Yoga and Meditation

These are essential skills in modern society where no peace of mind is available to relax and enjoy this moment.


Leadership skills

These are to build leading ways of motivation to lead and inspire…

What do we do?

Through seminars, workshops, and training.

It is advertised and conducted locally, nationally, and internationally.

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As well as our website for every event update

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