What is communication?

Communication is a process of transmission of ideas from one mind to the other through the medium.

What do we mean by process?

The process is a cycle of transmission of ideas from one person to another through medium to surpass noise and take feedback.

Why is it necessary to seek and learn communication skills in the modern era where we have social and electronic media?

Why is it necessary to show this one skill in your CV to secure any job in the market place?

Why do employers need employees with excellent communication skills?

Why is communication important in any relationship, either personal or professional?

Why is it the number one requirement of the market place?

Why is one not able to communicate effectively?

Why is it necessary to resolve conflicts?

Why miscommunication breaks relationships and trust among us?

Why we need this skill more than any other ability in our life?

What are the pros and cons of communication?

What mistakes must be avoided in communication to avoid embarrassment in social situations?

Why too many seminars and workshops are held on this subject?

Why don’t we have perfect control over our communication by default?

How problems and issues can be avoided by just using the correct channel of communication?