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Basics Of Content Writing

Content writing is the backbone of the modern economy. Even though 90% of jobs will be taken by AI artificial intelligence in the next decade; however, creativity is beyond its capabilities. Skills and employment will still be required, like content writing, persuasion, marketing, and acting arts.

Why do we still listen to online marketers and copywriters that relevant content is still the king? This and much more will be discussed in this post.

First things come first; let’s know what content writing is? In short,

content writing is the communication of messages among customers and businesses to sell ideas, products, and services. Like every communication, it is two-way communication.

The process of communication is visually depicted in this Infographic.

First, the sender sends a message. For this purpose, he encodes this message and then chooses a medium to approach the receiver. When the receiver receives the message, decoding takes place after understanding this message; feedback is given.

However, the role of noise can not be eliminated in the presence of it. The message can be lost while partial absence or full absence, the message reaches its destination, and communication completes.

Now, remember that content writing is sending businesses, leaders, authors, and for-profit and not-for-profit organizations who want to send it to customers, community members, readers, and citizens, respectively.

To send this message, they encode it to be decoded by their target audience, which is the receiver according to our depicted process in the infographic. They chose medium/media through which they can reach their target population.

They chose channels within a medium, whether they need verbal, written, or both channels or mixed channels. Then they ensure that their message survived noise or communication barriers. Then they seek feedback from the audience.

This proverbial process is repeated if results are desirable. If they are not, they either change or improve their message, encoding, medium, or work on helping audiences decode and work on their feedback to change/improve.

Most large businesses have their content writing teams, including; writers, editors, proofreaders, graphic designers, and marketers. However, small businesses either do it independently or outsource content writing assignments, which are popular in the writing industry as projects, jobs, or gigs.

There comes content writing into a scene; it is just writing for online or offline clients who wish to convey their messages to potential audiences to achieve desirable outcomes.

Telling someone to buy your products and services in a straightforward tone makes you aggressive, immature, and greedy, without knowing what your customers needs?

Copywriter says this same message in indirect methods by first addressing customers’ needs and then your solutions to their problem. This approach makes customers the hero of the story, not you; they buy because they need it to satisfy their needs, not yours. They view you as their hero because they Know you solved their problem.

Most business websites make these mistakes in their content writing, killing their chances to reach potential customers and clients they wish to contact.

Here are some basics of content writing you should know to boost your online presence and business; here we go;

Customer is everything, yes, and don’t fool yourself over this.

Please focus on the customer; they should be the center of your attention. Forget about anything else.

Stop bragging about you and your business; it is a big no-no for your career, marketing, and everything you are interested in.

Avoid competition respect cooperation; competition is for people having a scarcity mentality. The partnership is all about mutual growth.

Give something back to the community; you might be thinking why to bother this, but remember, my friend, without contributing back to the community, your efforts will be next to useless. A tree with fruits can’t grow without roots. A word of wise is enough, to contribute to the WordPress community, writers community, and all concerned communities you are a member of.

Social responsibility is your long-term asset; if you show and are committed to fulfilling it, then sooner or later, you are destined to succeed in whatever field you are in.

Never compromise on quality; I remember once a customer said to the shopkeeper that there was something wrong with the condition of money he gives to him. He said no, then the customer said, why you had given me things of the lower quality? The shopkeeper was speechless. This incident made a deep impression on me, so I thought that I would never compromise my customers’ quality of the material. So the same advice I am giving to you.

Quantity is just a relative phenomenon. I can bet you that 90% of people who know their worth will say that they prefer quality rather than quantity. Does the quality determine what your values are? Greed is quantity-based, and you should avoid this at any cost. Try to write qualitatively rather than quantitatively.

Share your ideas worth share

In my research as a content writer and with other competent and winner content writers, I have found that they share their ideas worth sharing in any format they know. You will find every successful content writer sharing his/her opinions on multiple platforms apart from their websites and blogs.

They manage to share on Facebook with their families and friends, on Linkedin with their family and

Money is not everything

Money is nothing compared to self and job satisfaction; customer satisfaction helps you serve more people. I agree with you that online and offline marketing is the best channel for advertising your product and services, while as per my experience and as per my research and networking with great content writers, word of mouth still rules the game.

No channel or method is more effective than word of mouth. Your customers are not only your one-time customers, but they are loyalty cards, brands, long-term partners, followers, subscribers, and supporters; they will fight for you, and they will give voice to your silence.

Treat your customers well; this way, the happiness you can get from their satisfaction will teach you sooner or later that money is not everything. In every interview for my project passed professional services, HR always ask me about my salary. And my answer is still the same ‘‘it depends.’’

Yes, honestly, it depends; sometimes, I accept a lower paycheck than a higher one because that specific company or organization is giving me opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Your timing, the comfort of the work environment, and other financial and career benefits. These all things matter; that is why I always reply ‘’I am open about it, and it depends.’’It also depends upon company or organization size, growth profit, and revenue.

I am not saying that money is not necessarily what I am saying is money is not everything. You should consider all the other things which are more important than money and everything else you can buy with it.

So whether you are a beginner in this field or an advanced level writer, avoid appearing as sleazy salesman selling follow the money; it will follow you forever.

Respect your employees

Respect your employees; yeah, it’s true no matter how talented and experienced a writer you are, if you don’t respect your employees or employers, you fail as a person. This failure fails your writing too.

You may argue that I am the person who told you in my motivational talks, seminars, and training on success and motivational programs that ‘’respect is earned, not given.’’And I am here telling you that I still believe that I am writing this post even right now.

But I am saying this because as a human being, your first responsibility is to respect others unconditionally whether they earn your respect as a professional or a colleague, or anyone else. And remember my friend that Jesus Christ told his disciples once,’’ treat others the same as you want to be treated.

Before I know you personally or professionally, I ought to respect you as a person because I expect the same from you. Respect goes hands-on hands because this is reality. You will beat everyone out there with your humble, down-to-earth simplicity and courage to respect them first.

They will do the same, it’s not mathematically, but it is logical and psychological most certainly. If you will not, in rare cases, receive it, but these cases are rare, respect is the milestone of your personal and professional growth.

Remember, my friend, you are here just once, so in this diverse world, treat everyone with respect because everyone is unique here, with unique talents, skill sets, knowledge, and creativity.

Once you enter the world of respect, you will enjoy each day of your existence as living in paradise with pride, happiness, job, and life satisfaction respect other writers.

You might be thinking, why I am repeating my comment? As you might have observed in my Youtube videos and other social media platforms I hate repetition. I get bored with repetition, but I repeat; when either the message is essential, or I want you to not lost in the conflicting messages out there.

Respect other writers

Because you belong to the same tribe, this tribe faces many challenges the personal and professional ones s in every time you see it in history. They are your wings to fly in the infinity of the success area. They cheer and support you and your writing in your presence and absence; if you don’t respect them, how you can expect respect then.

Being a writer might seem fancy dream though, seeing your name on blogs, websites, books, products, and services is a great desire for most, but the consequences you face due to your use of words can knock you over and let you down as long as you don’t choose to fight back and get up and attack.

Your words can lead you to end up in prison, with personal and professional challenges. In those tough times, these writers are your tribe’s men who will stand up for you and will support you at every forum. They will fight for you on every battlefield people and organizations in power drag you. i.e., they will fight your case in legal, public, social media, and, most important, on any national and international form they have an approach.

I have friends who know me personally and professionally, but I don’t have the exact digits of how many other writers, supporters, followers, readers, and subscribers I have globally.

I may not know them, but they will help me out because humanity is still alive if they see me in trouble. Human conscientiousness will never die, and your relationship with other writers is through words, and this relationship will never die even after your death. so, now you can understand why repeated this

Commitment is everything

To me, no matter what the condition or circumstance tells you, you cannot do it. This attitude will lead you everywhere you want to go. Commitment increases your value. It gives you everything your mind and heart desire. I want to see writers who will succeed or not in their passion or profession. If they are committed, they will do anything, and if not, they are just wasting their time and other resources.

As Les Brown, one of my favorite motivational speakers put it correctly in one of his speeches. If someone wants to be successful and see him not showing in training, seminars, and libraries, you see them in parties and movie theaters.

They are just wasting their and others’ time. I am sorry, my friend, if you have other plans for your future, my advice to you will be like this, “go pursue your dreams elsewhere; this field is not for you.’’

You might argue, but it’s next to useless if you have not decided at least (10+) years in this field don’t bother trying. I have seen in my experience that only committed people who have an attitude of no matter what succeeded in this field. Work occupies a larger part of your life, so you should love the work you are doing.

This love has a two-way interaction with commitment; first, it strengthens your commitment to stick to your action plan. Second, is your commitment to stick to your work and love what you are doing. It is a commitment that turns ordinary people into legendary champions and leaders in most cases.

While lack of it turns above repeated great people ordinary and average people with small dreams, routine lives eat, drink, and die. The others write history and create it. so it’s up to you whether you want to be the first one or the second, but your commitment will only evidence it.

Live by your words

As a wordsmith, you have to live by your words. If you love truth, then be truthful; you love, say, and write joy, pleasure, peace, and respect, then be loving, joyful, pleasurable, peaceful, and respectful it is logical to everyone, and it should be to you too.

Living by your words means taking responsibility that whatever you have written is genuine and authentic, you didn’t copy or steal this idea from anyone else either online or offline, you did not plagiarise, everything you write is original, and are standing for your words in every form either among your friends or foes.

Living by your words means that you have researched and have authentic sources and references; if the law asks you to present the evidence of any piece of your writing, you have any form of proof. Even in the creative field f writing, you should keep track of every idea you have developed and formed a building of your theoretical ground and imagination.

It might be difficult for you to believe that even the creative and imaginary pieces like fiction for my dramas, short stories, and novels apart from articles, precipitating events pushed me to write.

As a student of mass communication, I know how to give and receive answers to basic questions like who, how, why, what, when, so I suggest that keep track of everything you write personally and professionally; it makes sense when your readers ask you why, when, how, why, you write this; you have a story to tell people to connect to those who are great storytellers a tell as well as great people living by their words.

Word of mouth is still ruling

Suppose you think that you can advertise and market your products and services through social media platforms. In that case, you are among 90% of people who believe they can leverage social media for their benefit. But I am among 10% of people who think that word of mouth still rules.

This 10% of people have known and experienced and researched for years what works and what doesn’t work. If I speak to you honestly that after spending my previous years of life for more than a decade in his field that word of mouth wins the race, you should consider this seriously.

I have seen many businesses and companies from zero to hero and vice versa because of one thing: this powerful tool.

We are social animals, right? We are influenced, and we influence our surroundings, and our social gatherings do the same to us. If your brother /sister tells you that they like my writing and reading an ebook, you should read my ebook next.

You have influenced your elders and have read next to my book, blog, or social media posts. Why? Because those convince you that if they have read my books, then there will be something in my writing that you should see and check for yourself.

What will you say now? What is more important, my social media or online marketing or your siblings’ words of mouth? Word of mouth.  Why?  Because I am not the only one out there who is marketing on any specific platform, there are millions, if not millions. Then indeed, thousands of writers are writing as well as I am writing even better than me with more significant experience and talents so, forget that word of mouth rules today.

Enjoy the journey ignore the destination

Remember my friend! That the joy of the game is always great, then the trophy after winning ask any athlete, entrepreneur, writer, or marketer what keeps them motivated throughout their journey of failure and success and they will tell you that joy of the game is the source of their motivation everything else is just the by-product of the pleasure.

That adrenaline rush, that excitement, that struggle to strive for the best, that anxiety,  stress, and side hustle hoping for winning the game is all that which is sought by successful people in any field. If they fail, they learn to pass the next time; then next, if they succeed, they know how to grow next time; this pleasure is more than anything else on your list.

Money, fame, success, appreciation, and admiration of material assets are just the art of the game. Once you realize this simple fact, your life will not be the same again.

It doesn’t interest me, whether you perceive my success or failure, but when I write something and the software or cloud-based application tells me that my work is 100% original, you can even imagine how I feel after checking this.

Whether I write for businesses, websites, blogs, or offline customers and whatever they pay me for, that is just a by-product. I write because I like my journey of being a writer more than a published author or something else. So, an important takeaway again enjoys the trip but never ignore the destination.

Conclusion :

These were some important pieces of advice for the content writers and all beginners .strugling and evolving individuals who want to build and create their reality after visualization, hard work, commitment, and dedication. What do you think about my advice? Let me know in the comments below? If you have some other important advice, let me and other readers of this blog know we will be glad to act on your recommendation.

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