The Fate of Innocence
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The Fate of Innocence

The fate of innocence is not only destructive and brutal but also pitiful and worth thinking and analysis. It is not imp...

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Labour day

Hey do you know that we are celebrating May Day today? Oh! Then? Today is labour’s day dear? So what? So wha...

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کشمیر کی آزادی کا واحد حل

کشمیر کی آزادی کا واحد حل کشمیر کی تاریخِ مقاومت اتنی طویل نہیں کہ اس کے لیے تاریخ کے قبرستان سے گڑھے مردے نکالے ...

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Best Quotes for 2012

Best Quotes of 2012 Find like-minded successful people and learn from them. Your first duty is to polish your crea...

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Roman Numerals

Roman numerals are those mysterious numbers that amaze the tiny minds of children from ages. It is considered as the fir...

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