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  • How to master thesis writing

    All that you want to know about your thesis writing as a student, teacher, supervisor, researcher, professional thesis writer you will find here all the things you want to know Strategize Write Edit Rewrite Refine Define Polish Protect Select Design Discuss Answer questions You are done

  • Psychology of Success in academics

    If we see the top most successful people in any career and in any path of life are those people who are better educated and more knowledgeable than their other counterparts having lesser education and drive for learning new things.

  • Roman Numerals

    Roman Numerals Roman numerals are those mysterious numbers that amaze the tiny minds of children from ages. It is considered as the first use of these numerals was due to the influence of the Roman Empire and civilization, but even after the fall of the Roman Empire, it is still used in one form or the other one. It is used in wall clocks and tower clocks across the different countries and continents. Although the digitalized clocks have changed this tradition, you still use this because they let you connect with the past we all share internationally. It is a little bit hard to understand it at first, but once you start learning the basics of it, you start enjoying it. These are concepts that are taught at the primary level to the students in mathematics. If you love Mathematics, then it is a fun-oriented activity that you love doing and enjoy the feeling of newness when you write correct…