• learn to step forward and never ever quit
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    Learn To Step Forward And Never Quit

    Experience has shown us countless times that each step taken in the conquest of fears and doubts is worth considering. Mistakes are just a new type of learning we all have to embrace. It is awful to feel sorry for yourself, yet not more than self-pity, showing us the doors of hell. Learning to step forward and never quitting is a long journey of self-fulfillment and self-respect. We, the learning and evolving creatures, learn to leave only when we stop learning. Let us stop for a moment and look at what is learning and how it works to keep us motivated and on track in times of struggle and pain? Learning Learning is a process through which our behaviors change for the good or worse. We can say in other words that learning is a permanent change in our behavior. Process of learning Important is that we all are in the learning process from the cradle to the grave. We…

  • success
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    Psychology Of Success In Academics

    This topic is not new; we come up from different backgrounds, want to succeed in academics. Yet we don’t know how to do this. Doing research is not an easy task, but taking opinions from those who have achieved greater success in academics is comparatively more straightforward. Being a teacher, and above-average student, where ever I go, teachers and students ask me different questions about academics. All questions cannot be answered in just one post, but the most important ones can be explained in the given limits of a post. Let’s see what they ask: How to achieve greater success in academics? It is easy, study more, study effectively, study continuously, and you will achieve greater success in academics. Which path to follow to see maximum results? The path of hard works, dedication, commitment, and patience should be followed to see maximum results. This means avoiding the path of least resistance in academics. I am not a critic of luck,…

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    Four Games Most Real Estate Agents Play

    It has been years when I left my home town for pursuing my dreams and chasing and hunting them. It took me years of focused and dedicated hard work from there to here where I am now. In these years, I changed my residence in according to my study and practice. While doing this, I came up with some valuable lessons and learned to adapt according to the situation. Some crucial tips helped me choose my current residence with cost-effectivity and in the center of the city from where I can move elsewhere quickly and conveniently. However, it sucked my soul at times while searching and dealing with real estate agencies and agents. I meet dozens of estates agents, agencies and landlords, and landladies. What I have learned in this period I am going to share with you so that you can avoid a lot of psychological, financial, and health-related hurdles in choosing your best residence from agents or agencies…

  • negative thinking
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    Negative Beliefs And Their Consequences

    According to Albert Ellis, our false beliefs are the driving agents of our actions and our actions, in turn, our thinking negatively, and this vicious cycle leads us to abnormality. He categorized these thinking patterns into the following points. One should be competent, adequate and achieving all the time This is a source of modern world stress, depression, and anxiety. That we think that we should be relevant, sufficient, and achieving. This is life and not a race. It is good to be competent, adequate, and achieving, but what if we do not? Is life will finish, or we will not survive the pain of incompetence, inadequate, or underachieving. The truth is that it may be the case, but if we work on ourselves, we can be competent, adequate, and achieving most of the time. Not all of the time. It is a fact, not fiction. Unhappiness is externally caused, and people have no control over it The second pattern…

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    The Psychology Of Friendship Series Part First

    The psychology of Friendship is based on mutual trust, respect, and unconditional love. Friends with benefits are beyond the scope of this post. Psychology is the study of mental processes, behavior, and their mutual relationship. Friendships are the roots, as well as the fruits of this short life. Life is a time set given to everyone who is breathing right now you are reading this post, so you are alive. I am writing right now, so I am alive too. Well, you can ask me why I have chosen this topic for today’s post. Let me tell you that the reason behind this is that I am happy because I enjoyed the company of my friends today. I was busy all day with my friends. They were happy and enjoying their lives, and I was too, but when we met up with each other when forgetting that what we are now, we were just friends. We shared our dreams, passions,…

  • persistence
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    Why Persistence is the master key to riches, freedom, and success?

    Why Persistence is the master key to riches, freedom and success? Standing for your worth, choosing to fight for your cause, defending your Rights and most importantly the courage to wait to win. Persistence is the master key to winning. If you have to chase and hunt down your dreams. It can be evidenced from history, past and now in present. People, crazy enough to persist in the face of adversity, the No’s and rejections are the people who win. Evils, failure, and No’s and rejections cannot stand for a long time, they are temporary inconveniences. Behind any successful venture is persistence. Behind any success is it and behind any permanent failure is lack of it. It is a turning point for any movement, campaign, strategy, policy, and plan. The decision to stand up and fight or run and hide to save life and sacrifice honor, dignity, and self-respect lie in this master key. Anyone can predict their and others…

  • exam
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    All that you want to know about CSS: The Central Superior Services

    All that you want to know about CSS: The Central Superior Services What is CSS? CSS stands for Central Superior Services, it consists of competitive examinations to sort out the suitable individuals for certain jobs, positions, professions, and fields. Federal Public Services Commission of Pakistan and Provincial commissions take examinations of individuals who wish to join them. They chose the most suitable individuals among desirous candidates. Keeping into the perspective of an increased number of graduates these examinations are being updated gradually from tougher and more difficult content to know the grasp and potential of an individual who wishes to join them. Importance of CSS To choose among the talented and intellectually or academically advanced individuals for posts or positions designated to administer governmental daily works with efficiency and productivity. F.P.S.C relies on individuals having leadership qualities, academic excellence, and unquestionable obedience. This examination is divided into three phases. Written Examination This is the first phase of CSS examination. Generally,…

  • print vs online advertisment
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    Print Advertising vs. Online Advertising

    Introduction In general, we live in a society where we are bombarded with advertising campaigns held by marketing giants for fortune 500 companies in the US and many globally. Marketing segmentation, demographics, psychographics are various aspects of targeting markets and consumers. Advertising is a process of marketing product and services either a company’s own or outsourced businesses. Before online advertising, print advertising was the norm. Although both Medias have their own merits and demerits, yet the superiority of one over others is not proved yet. In the following paras, we will discuss both and mention their effectiveness and drawbacks to fully grasp the subject matter. Definition: Print Advertising is a kind of advertising where we print content and place it where consumers can find them. It may be in the form of newspapers, Wikipedia, business magazines, posters, billboards, letters, and postcards. It was a popular form of advertising in 20th as well as in the early 21st century, but the…

  • Villanelle
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    The Political System of Pakistan and democracy

    The political system of Pakistan and democracy is really messed up these days. We have experienced dictatorships, right and left wings governmental affiliations however, what is going on nowadays are beyond the grasp of the common man. Fights amongst institutions, legal activism, social media wars, and the psychological wars have made situations worst. Every day we watch media some new issue or crisis has arisen and we have to dump previous issues and concentrate at new. Sometimes I feel sorry for people of this country, they are spectators only and spectators have no choice to turn around the game. I have heard countless times that politics is a game of emotions but now it seems that it is a reality in fact when the head of the state is cricketer and sportsman by profession. I miss the revolutionary ideas and point of views in the book “The Republic” of Pluto which at least tried to answer who should rule? If…

  • Health (9)
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    Why Governmental health care needs reforms

    It is a duty of every regional medical department and its staff to provide quality health care and timely response as well as a quick response to the patient, their family, and attendants. I am sitting in the department of radiology JPMC for ultrasound, and the doctor will show up maybe at 10 or 11 and will leave 11:30. You may understand what I am talking about. And if you have a pelvic pain like me you will really feel what this one or two hours mean. In countries like Pakistan and in locations like Karachi, long waits and the Monopoly of medical staff and the bad behaviors and conduct of so-called security staff are unbearable and it seems like it is a fate of citizen who pays taxes and charities and donations. Which goes directly into pockets of these honorable and respected doctors and nurses and their staff. This psychological burden and emotional labor makes us feel worse than…

  • stairs
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    The psychology of creativity

    The psychology of creativity An Introduction The psychology of creativity is a study of creativity. Creativity is a gift and it should not be wasted in daily chores. We all are creative however, most of us don’t know how to express our creativity. What I know from my own experience as a counselor, writer, and editor that use of our imagination is creativity, while abuse of it is illusion, hallucination, and antisocial ideations. It is interesting to know that whatever comes in your life are just the product of your imagination, your power of focus, unwillingness to accept your ignorance of life. Knowledge is a tool to know and understand life. Experience is your subjectivity when both mixes up you become an enlightened being. The more you are determined and willing to pursue your dreams the more you are drawn to your creativity. It is accessible to all of us who want to join the legends league. The champions like…

  • to the kind reader
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    Code of conduct for Psychosocial counselors in Pakistan and abroad

    Code of conduct for Psychosocial counselors in Pakistan and abroad.. all around the world Some clarification of terms are given below for counselors so that they can grasp the whole blog with interest. Code means secret or sceret rules to be followed by any professional field concerned. Here these codes are designed to illustrate the higher level of professionalism in counselors all around the world. The system of counseling mainly concerns with behavior modifications. Psychosocial refers here as social area of our lives which is influenced by society. Psychological states can be subjective but it varies from person to person. Psychosocial counseling is a mutually dependent domain in which we assess our environment. In any profession there are certain rules, without which, one is not able to practice that specific profession or code of conduct on which this whole concept is built. Separate articles will detail these codes and further guide counselors how to implement these in their professions and…

  • mental health
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    Doctors are you aware? How to know your patients need Mental Health Support?

    Doctors are you aware? How to know your patients need Mental Health Support? How Medical doctors and General Physicians can sort out mental health issues in their patients by keeping in mind the following symptoms: This list is collected by numerous observations that can lead to more investigation of mental health issues. Physical investigations These symptoms are observable as well as subjective and objective investigation expose these to you. Bodily aches Sleeplessness Change in appetite Panic attacks/fits Lack of energy Taking psychiatric medications Lack of social skills Social contacts Frequent arguments and fights Difficulties in decision making indecisiveness Complaints Traumatic experiences Bereavement Child raising problems Hyperarousal Concentration problems Memory loss Appearance Sad Anxious Frightened Lack of care of the appearance Unusual movements tics mannerisms Inner problems Difficulty in making choices Shame Guilt Excessive worrying Relationship issues Loneliness Social withdrawal Personal neglect Sadness Fear Overwhelming emotions Crying excessively Feeling of loss Prolonged grief Suicidal thoughts Suicidal plans Suicide attempts Aggression without…

  • live-your-dream
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    Plan your life, goals, and dreams

    Plan your life, goals and dreams.. Otherwise daily routine will bore you of its repetitions. Chores will steal your precious lives. We are busy in our lives without any plan which tricks us to mediocrity, being average and living lives of wretched of the world. Their motto doesn’t exceed from the lives of hand to mouth. Human values don’t work in an environment, where negativity, misery, and poverty are present.  It’s OK being one of them until and unless you leave your comfort zone and say to your self that enough is enough. You will not accept poverty, misery, and mediocrity anymore. For doing this you must have a game plan. No matter what your life and its circumstances and situation throw at you, you must stick to your plan. It is suggested that you devise a four-step plan. The first step is life grand theme, a plan needs to be devised wisely. Whatever you need, want, wish for, desire…


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