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Any Woman by Katharine Tynan

I am the pillars of the house; The keystone of the arch am I. Take me away, and roof and wall Would fall to ruin...

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To a Dead Poet by Amy Levy

I knew not if to laugh or weep; They sat and talked of you– “‘Twas here he sat; ’twas this he sa...

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The Visionary by Emily Bronte

Silent is the house: all are laid asleep: One alone looks out o’er the snow-wreaths deep, Watching every cloud, dreading...

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Poems by Emily-Bronte-1-2

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The Fortune-Favored by Friedrich von Schiller

Ah! happy he, upon whose birth each god Looks down in love, whose earliest sleep the bright Idalia cradles, whose young ...

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There is a Gentle Thought by Dante Alighieri

There is a gentle thought that often springs to life in me, because it speaks of you. Its reasoning about love’s so swee...