Checking: The Psychological Burden On The Citizen

Checking either material or physical one is a psychological burden on the citizen. More than enough evidence is shown to the many policymakers that your citizen are frustrating, and their anger can produce many human-made disasters that will make your life and profession miserable for you.

Civilians are also human beings who need respect and trust from you. If this is your egoistic issue, then enjoy the dance of dragons that will devour you alive.

Here are a few reasons that will convince you that you should refrain from this practice as soon as possible.

It creates a sense of insecurity.

Each citizen believes that he is safe and free in his state and territory. Still, when they are searched and checked frequently, it develops a sense of insecurity that leads to rebelliousness and disobedience.

It gives hatred the way.

It gives hatred the way journey is mostly tricky and energy-draining; when you search and check them, it further makes it a more hardening experience that escalates the hatred. When you check and examine the correctly set bags and items, it is the extra labor for them to do it again.

Questioning and cross-questioning can get fire, and it can lead to hatred and emotionally charged arguments that will further lead to physical violence and the use of brutal force.

It makes disrespectful among cultures.

Some cultures find it hard to search and check them or their belongings. You may have experienced this in collectivistic cultures that they dislike and show resistance in searching and monitoring activities. They don’t want anyone to touch them or their close ones and their things.

These can be personal and intimate items that some people are emotionally attached to, and privacy is more important to them than their states and their affairs.

One individual from remote areas told me that it is disrespectful in their culture, and it is a personal and social disgrace if you say someone for their hands up. Some cultures find it hard to swallow if you search and check their family members.

So, it is wise to implement culturally appropriate practices to avoid a security crisis and prevent any conflict.

It gives a sense of criminality.

Suspecting is halfway to criminality; when you search and check someone, it tells that you are alleging them due to their appearances, gender, race, color, ethnicity, and other factors that lead to personal biases and eventually to discrimination. Checking and searching one out of many is the sure way of favoring others, which creates a sense of criminality.

It provides anger fuel

Anger is the sure way of violence, and searching and checking fuels it. The arguments, banter, and humorous remarks are interpreted as threatening and degrading, which worsens self-control and anger management. Just one mistake can get up the fire of anger, and there is no end to it then. 

It is difficult and time-consuming

If you think that you will be just to all the passengers, then it will take time, and the more time you take on these activities, the more they will be frustrated, and this time consumption will make more hurdles for people traveling.

It ignites feelings of mistrust.

No matter how logical and rational it may seem, your searching and checking someone ignite the feelings of mistrust among them, which will grow with time. The most destructive behavior is when a citizen doesn’t trust their security agencies. What will be the result?

They will start helping them, and it will be the worst nightmare when this happens. They will know where the criminal, drugs, narcotics, is or illegal things, but they will not let you know because they start mistrusting you.

It leads to hostility and personal grudges if gender is involved.

As mentioned earlier too, but it is necessary to emphasize the impacts of this activity. It leads to hostility and personal grudge if gender is involved. It makes matters more complicated when the opposite gender is searched and touched inappropriately.

Corruption and the misuse of power, authority, and uniform

It gives the power to the evil and corrupted law and order agencies agents to violet the human rights of citizens or immigrants of different countries and cultures. The statistics show that it is the turning point of ordinary journeys to violent, brutal, and hateful experiences.

Here the conclusion of this argument is to abolish the searching activities by anyone of anyone. It is disrespectful, degrading, and shameful, and the disgrace is the magma of lava in a volcano of collective human consciousness that can be replaced with modern technological methods instead.

The electronic, metal, drug, and narcotics detectors will search and detect illicit and illegal goods, and you can arrest them quickly. Human searching and checking is a psychological burden that must be stopped and replaced with more advanced methods. That’s all. What do you think about this issue? Let us know in the comments below.

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