What Will You Chose, Love Or Fear? The Choice Is Yours!

What will you choose, love, or fear? The choice is yours!

Orientations of life and their consequences

There are two types of orientations in life. One is love; the other is fear. Fear-oriented life is an insane life, where one lives by other people’s expectations. We are not able to step outside of our comfort zone.

We fear and panic by sudden changes; we can’t take risks; we can’t hear the whispers of our heart and soul or act on them. We fear that someone will rob us; someone will take our position, job, land, and money. We fear from every situation where possibility may exist.

You fear if you were caught up in a bomb blast. If your reputation is damaged, if identity theft happened to you, if someone will overtake your project, someone may publish your work in others’ names, if police encounter us without any reason, if someone may hurt our family or us; If someone destroys our property.

Fears never stop; they will go on this way again and again. Fear-oriented life is not less than hell. Life, like this, is like robots that work and live by others’ expectations.

Love oriented life is a life worth living. So “what if” attitude destroys all fears and frees us from the limits of our minds. It gives us the freedom to choose our destiny. It inspires us to live our life now; it is no more concerned about the future or past.

It no more handles melodrama of victimization. It is no more interested in self-pity, accusing, and factitious idealization. It only believes on here and now.

Call to action

People living in love-oriented lives are the people who know how to live fully and how to accept even death without regrets. Whatever comes to you, don’t run from it. Don’t fear and panic. Love it, run towards it, go after it, chase it and hunt it. If you are destined to be tracked, laugh with courage over it, and let your death chase you for long and die with life satisfaction.

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