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Climate Change: The Personal And Universal Approach

Climate change the worst has yet to come:

Eleven thousand scientists and environmentalists have gathered together and announced the environmental emergency; however, we all are on the edge of Hell busy on our TV, Facebook, and Twitter. Isn’t it social apathy we all as a whole are displaying daily?

The world’s custom is to sink head in sand hiding behind the scenes and enjoying themselves to some narcotic fantasies.

We are heading to Hell, yet no one is concerned except those wizards of the modern age who want to fear us about our environment; we are destroying it with our two hands. The day is not far when the supercomputers and robotics will fight against us to free this world of our negative influence.

We are destroying our ecosystem, the biosphere, and the earth, our only planet in this solar system where we can live and breathe.

I wonder what will be the excellent time for us to realize that when all water in the rivers and streams are poisoned, every tree will be dashed to the ground; every single flower will be plugged and thrown in the dustbin where will be this oxygen than in which we will breathe.

Isn’t it fascinated that the level of service we are supposed to provide our biological environment is doomed to fail? Isn’t it’s time to wake up and realize the tragedy we are going to?

Every individual on this planet has a birthright to breathe fresh air, food, and water.

If it is not possible, what else is here to live in this case? I think the greed of industrialists and few individuals across the globe are leading us to choose whether we want to live or die.

Even with all the technological advancements, we can innovate ways to decrease afforestation; we can publish books as eBooks instead of paper. We can make furniture with other materials.

We can do any possible measures to ensure the forest’s balance and the animal and other organisms living in the woods.

As human beings, we can live everywhere we want to; we can innovate ways to shelter us, but other species on this planet can’t do that for themselves.

It breaks my heart when I realize how many species went extinct.

I can’t forget the event that took place in my hometown. I used to go to a stream every day after the sunset.

There were rabbits, birds, and their nests, other insects, and species, which occasionally interested me to sit by to watch and listen to their voices, chatter, and play.

One day the heartless and cruel man sat fire in those bushes and went far to watch the scene from a distance how animals and birds will be burnt in the fire.

I just saw the smoke, and it was normal because anyone who would picnic there would cooked food there for me; it all seemed reasonable to me.

I was shocked when I saw rabbits fleeing the scene, birds flocking and circling smoke, and their voices full of grief and pain as if asking for help.

I didn’t know what happened to me, and I hushed towards the flames of fire, and I soaked the paints I had for a bath in water and tried to silence flames with it.

It took me half an hour to finally get to silence it. It seemed to me like it was not that the stream’s bank was burning; it was just something inside me was burning invisible, soft, and comfortable.

When I saw at a far distance that man was standing there and I watched when he meets his eyes with me, he dropped his head and shoulders as if nothing has happened.

By the way, it might interest you that just after a few years, he caught up a fight with his younger brother and killed him as a consequence.

Although his father forgives him for the death penalty and the government has to release him, he has to be exiled from the homeland and his family for the whole life.

So, he lost everything he had.

Nature’s revenge is unique and special; it makes its way to occur. No one could ever escape from this.

Some of my countrymen were playing at a distance, and they didn’t bother coming.

One or two did come when I already silenced fire, inquiring about the event and regretting not helping me.

It seemed to me like involuntary acts of humanity I have ever done out of consciousness and conscience.

What was so illogical to me at that time were tears rolling over my cheeks, and I was doing both acts at the same time, silencing flames and crying.

Even though; I am still crying while writing this post, the event took place in probably 2004, and it’s now 2019, precisely after 15 years.

There is something in me that still care about the environment and climate change. I don’t know what it is; however, poets call it a little kid inside all of us.

The fire has been sitting the birds and animals are going to extinction; the next step will be ours, the scientists have warned us to impose an environmental emergency.

It’s up to you whether you want to be me, the player at a distance, the inquiry men, or the whistleblowers.

Shaming the unashamed is just a waste of time.

All the climate change events, campaigns, and advocacy are centered and revolve around this approach, shaming the shameless and ruthless.

And it is of no use to fluting the flute to animals.

It is useless to telling these heartless people to stop destroying the environment. At the same time, they are busy bombing and testing Mother of all bombs, nuclear weapons, and other mass destruction tools-while occupying lands, beheading men, women, and children, looting natural resources, monopolizing world business markets, financing, and training terrorists, dehumanizing and humiliating nations and masses, and playing puppet master games.

Let them do the same in the future, and we should expect them likewise. But we can choose to respond according to our conscience and social responsibility.

Let’s decide to break the invisible chains and free our world from the injustice we are experiencing with our fellow beings and other species we owe to them; they are the real heroes trying to balance our ecosystem. We are busy destroying it.

My questions are when we will fix our climate change policies and when we are going to implement it?

When are we going to educate and train others to change the unchanged?

Lastly, what are the consequences if we failed to do so; doomsday, extinction, or mass suicide? What are we going to and over to our future generations if we luckily managed to have?

I let you all to these questions. I hope you will do what is necessary for your present and future.

What do you think?

Let me know in the comments below.

See you next time.

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