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Confidence by Anne Bronte

Oppressed with sin and woe,

A burdened heart I bear,

Opposed by many a mighty foe:

But I will not despair.

With this polluted heart

I dare to come to Thee,

Holy and mighty as Thou art;

For Thou wilt pardon me.
I feel that I am weak,

And prone to every sin:

But Thou who giv’st to those who seek,

Wilt give me strength within.

Far as this earth may be

From yonder starry skies;

Remoter still am I from Thee:

Yet Thou wilt not despise.

I need not fear my foes,

I need not yield to care,

I need not sink beneath my woes:

For Thou wilt answer prayer.

In my Redeemer’s name,

I give myself to Thee;

And all unworthy as I am

My God will cherish me.

O make me wholly Thine!

Thy love to me impart,

And let Thy holy spirit shine

For ever on my heart!

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