Muslim Law & Jurisprudence

I. The Sources of Islamic Law

 The Quran

 The Sunnah

 Ijma

 Qiyas

 Ijtehad

II. Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence

III. Islamic Criminal Law

 Hadd

 Taz’ir

 Qisas and Diyat

IV. Islamic Family Law

 Marriage

 Dower

 Divorce

 Separation by Repudiation (Talaq)

 Separation by Mutual Agreement (Khula)

 Judicial Separation (Faskh)

 Post-Divorce Maintenance

 Child Custody

 Succession

V. Islamic Law of Contract

VI. Islamic Banking and Insurance

VII. Islamic International Law

VIII. Islamic Law and Human Rights

IX. Dissolution of Muslim Marriages Act, 1939

X. Muslim Family Laws Ordinance 1961


S.No. Title Author
1. An Introduction to the Study of Islamic Law Dr. Hussain Hamid Hassan
2. Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence Mohammad Hashim Kamali
3. Theories of Islamic Law Prof. Imran Ahsan Nyazee
4. Islamic Law of Contracts and Business
Tahir Mansuri
5. Family Law in Islam Dr. Mohammad Tahir Mansuri
6. Outlines of Islamic Jurisprudence Prof. Imran Ahsan Nyazee
7. General Principles of Criminal Law Prof. Imran Ahsan Nyazee
8. State and Legislation in Islam Dr. Mahmood Ahmad Gazi
9. Mahomedan Jurisprudence Abdur Rahim
10. Islamic Law of Inheritance Hamid Khan, Advocate
11. Munir” Principles of Muhammadan Law Munir Ahmad Siddiqui