I. Elementary Information about the Pre Islamic Persian Languages: Avesta, Old Persian and Pahlavi.

II. Origin and development of the new Persian Language (In this part Revivalist movement, Purist movement and the adaptation of foreign loan words need to be studied).

III. The advent and history of Classical Persian Literature from SAMANID’s period to the Mushrootah Movement with special emphasis on the outstanding Persian prose writers and poets. (The Persian prose writers and poets from 4th century H to 10th century H).

IV. The contemporary Persian Literature with special emphasis on the New Poetry( شعر نو ) and Fiction writing and their outstanding representatives.

V. A Short introduction to Persian Language and Literature, besides Iran, in
Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Indo-Pakistan Subcontinent.

VI. Significant features of the grammar of the language as under:
اسم ، فعل ، ضمیر ، صفت ، قید، حرف ، شبھ جملھ / صوت
In classical background, the four styles known as Khurasani, Iraqi, Hindi and Revivalist may be studied.

VII. A Short essay writing in Persian on literary and cultural themes.

VIII. Translation of simple English passage into Persian.

PART—II (Marks-50)

This part will require first hand reading of the texts prescribed and questions will be designed to test the candidate’s critical abilities.