Daring To Be Great

Daring to be great

Daring to be great is the worthy cause that makes it beautiful in its structure and a function that is the core of being a champion. The vulnerability to stick to your daily conditions and useless routines is the sure way of being lost in the worthless hand-to-mouth life, or I call it the rat race.

You will see that there is no crowd at the extra mile. Once you decide to leave the ordinary people with their irregular routines and chores, you start living the life you always dream about; the first step is tolerance of the nonsense shit the average throw at you. The second is patience while trying and failing in your dreams and goals.

The first step towards greatness is to start looking at ordinary people in their lives; they live for food, fame, and money, and their heritage is only their children that they are born. Other than this, they have no desire to change the lives of those around them.

They don’t change their lives either. They stick to their comfort zone and leave no trace of their existence for future generations. They vanish or perish along the way. I suggest that you should not live a life of a traitor. To me, the traitor is not who only betrays his loved ones and their tribe and country.

They may be and maybe not, but when one starts betraying himself, I call this betrayal more than any traitor can damage or destroy any person, tribe, or state. Since the known history of the written past, it is apparent that traitors must be executed with no mercy. If you are doing this, then recommend your punishment later.

Why am I in favor of going the extra mile? Because I have seen miracles happening out of this journey in my personal and professional life, you see how far you can go when you go the extra mile. This struggle and hustles pay off, and success and motivation are the prices for this tolerance and patience I have mentioned in the previous paragraph.

I liked the notation once I read somewhere on the internet, and it was saying that “go big or go home,” and it hit me in the guts that, like everything else, we have a choice to select our comfort zone over struggles or vice versa. Because when you know that you have an opportunity to give your life meaning, you will recognize the unlimited power of transformation you have inside you to realize human nature and the mind’s creativity.

You are daring to go back and fight back with the demons of your past, present, and future to change or redefine your personal history. Your skin, language, the background doesn’t define you. The size of your courage, confidence, and patience determine you to the world.

Who are you? If you answer it with your words, soon, people will forget, but if your character tells who you are, everyone around you will see and remember who you are, where, and will be. If you stick to your purpose and reasons for standing up to the world for your rights, freedom, and oppression, no one can defeat you because you are unstoppable.

Only you can define your place on this planet earth, don’t allow others’ expectations of you to define you and your life. It is crucial and essential that you make rules for yourself to succeed in anything you do: this is not for only you but also for all of those around you. They must know that you have your own rules to live and work. They should avoid imposing their restrictions on your life and work.

The question is here, whether it is the narcissistic notation of “Highway or my way?” The simple answer to this is that it is not like that. Your values should define your work ethics and your living life; this means that you are the first person to come and the first person to leave the workplace. Being late and staying late is the habit of ordinary people so, you must work on it. There is no other way to succeed without daring to be great because there is no crowd at the extra mile.

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