Decide to live

With all our fears and doubts, we are heading towards our future. It is shining like stars in the dark sky, as gloom and black as a shadow at night. A decision is a powerful thing to do in this short period given to us by life to impact this desert of sands. Life is like sands; we can’t hold it; it slept out when we try to keep it tight to do or be something for ourselves and others. We must be persistent and relentless. Patience is essential. It is the only skill that glows all other essentials and rules/ principles of success.

Impatience is a stepping stone towards failure. No one knows why, but the only reason for so and so is that they quit too early. Many people leave on the one-yard line; the barriers are in mind. Life and death are also in mind. Every creation in this world is created twice. First in mind than in reality.

Now it is in our interest to decide to live our lives better and prosperous. Our choices make us man or beast. Our behavior follows our thinking, and our review reflects what we are feeding to our minds. The mind is a very flexible and down to earth thing. It’s just like water, humble yet powerful enough to surround anything and make it surrender. Our ambitions are guiding forces that make us realize that we can recognize and materialize whatever we wish to.

Our destiny follows our decisions if we are ready to take it on time. Time is precious; it is what we have in our this experience we call life. Don’t wait to decide and then start living.

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