Education and unemployment: Dear Govt! we are heading to hell.

Education and unemployment: Dear Govt! we are heading to hell.

Although it is a common observation, that the more you study the more you have an opportunity for employment. However, this is not always the case. There is a glass ceiling you only notice when it bangs your head. Graduation is the last level of corporate and market requirements of any white color job.

Post-graduation is a requirement of only a few available jobs. Mostly which are filled and you have to wait for it. If someone resigns or dies or fired then you have a chance otherwise you have to wait endlessly. The process of hiring is so slow that only frustration can eat you alive in these conditions.

Most of the leadership in the business community is either college dropouts or graduates. It is psychologically unconscious compensation of these leaders to not letting people more educated than themselves in jobs which threatens their own job security.

The other part of the equation is Higher education commission (HEC) the dream killer and murderer of talent and cream of our youth and future of this country. It is at worst conditions after interfering at every level.

On the name of scholarships dishonoring and disgracing its citizens the bonds written to humiliate scholars, although they advertise it as merit cum need-based scholarships however the media parade and camouflage of youth on its name either academic or career-wise is like students are begging or they are beggars.

All the conditions imposed remind ones that they have no choice to accept. Their motto is very simple and it goes like this,” my way or the high way.” If you don’t believe let me give you a demo. Take any form of scholarship and read it twice. Only beggars have no choice.

Every free citizen of any country has free will to choose. Every so-called association has a fee of membership whether you benefited or not you have to pay. Every journal has a fee to publish your research. Looking this at a distance seems a lot of fun, however, going through this is energy draining and soul-sucking experience.

Sophocles, rightly said once,” it is terrible to speak well and be wrong”. It is more than terrible to speak well and be right in the society of hypocrisy we call democracy. One has to choose whether to speak true and die or to speak wrong to survive. Most importantly extinction and survival are by natural selection according to Darwin and we the habitant of hell have no choice over it.

Association of Ph.D. doctors of Pakistan recently said in press release that HEC is responsible for the unemployment of Ph.D. Scholars. One of the reputed governmental universities in Karachi has an ongoing teacher protest. Yet management looks calm and relaxed. Problem is not only of financial or promotion but of acquisition of talent which is slipping out of our hands.

For short term gains our youth is going abroad to give long term gains to developed countries. Our national inferiority complex doesn’t allow us to look up to these issues. Our goldmines and minds are serving others with their talents and experience. This is when we are able to understand the common notion about this condition that, a stomach has her own logic.

Aristotle once said that hunger is a great revolution. Highly educated citizen of our country is hungry. The only devil can imagine which type of revolution they may introduce in the future. Taliban revolt now and revolution then was just a result of hunger of power and employment.

The spoils of war and hunger had drained our economy, morale and international image. I fear of revolution of the educated people because they are more powerful and dangerous than Taliban and uneducated revolts. Dear! Govt, we are heading to hell.

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