It opens new opportunities and new ways of learning for us…

Our mission is to promote, enhance, inspire and motivate you to work for humanity, selling hope and spreading the fragrance of life through education on this Planet.

So, that no one on this planet is left illiterate and ignorant of his/her human values to solve real-world problems of human race..!

…Nothing will change if we don’t change ourselves!

Our Educational project consists of following present and future sub Projects 

Academy of personal excellence

You can connect with it through our social media pages links which are given below

Academy of personal excellence

Book Bank

This is our offline project through which we are depositing books for you. Books are your’s forever if you want to transfer it to others or withdraw it for yourself anywhere and at any time. We do it for you professionally.

This Project’s aim is to preserve books from destruction currently we only accept ebooks and PDFs and we are looking for a place where we can preserve paper and hardcover books to hand it over to our future generations.

Our inspirations are of Library of Alexandria, Al Azhar, Qum, Najaf, and other museum and Libraries. We believe that the book of any language of any nation is a collective heritage of all nations of the world. And everyone must have access to it. And no one could be denied of access to access any book by anyone of any time due to any reason or discrimination.

Book Bank


This project is to preserve and enhance the dying art of calligraphy. Due to digital technology, is putting this art and artists to death and our aim is to save it and it’s a beauty for future generations.


Coaching Center

This project is about coaching our clients and organizations about their potentials and psychological development they need to push themselves and businesses to the next level.

Education Reform

This project is to help speed up educational reform at local and global level.

Educational Reforms

Student Book

Teacher Book

Schooling system

Group of Colleges

Academic Societies

Research Journals

Study Groups

Online Library

Research Labs

Virtual Research centers

AND Much more…

If you think you can help us improve our educational projects_ Go ahead and help us achieve our dream of an educated planet where illiteracy no longer bother us to achieve our maximum potential…

With best wishes…Be a part of Anish Professional Community by contributing something interesting, informative and worth Sharing…

Thanks for your support and cooperation in advance…

AromaNish Team!

What will you find here:


What is education?

Education is a process of transformation which enables us to unleash our potentials.

Why it is necessary?

It’s necessary because it connects us to our past, present and future.

Types of education

There are two types of education:

  1. Direct/Observation/applied and practical
  2. Indirect/theoretical/passive and bookish

Why we seek it?

We seek it to know ourselves and than world to have an impact on it. 

Why we need it?

To improve our life standards and open mysteries of this universe.

Importance of education

  1. Learning methodology
  2. Applied knowledge.
  3. Passionate Observation
  4. Constant experimentation.
  5. The framework of all advancement and developments of modern society.

What it can do?

IT Can:


Why there are different types of educational systems?

Every person has a different kind of understanding and learning. To fit their needs everyone wants to be relevant in their educational system. They adjust themselves to that system or make changing in the system to fulfill their needs. This is one of the most important reasons that we have different types of educational systems all around the world.  

What is educational philosophy of self and others education?

Deep inside the philosophy of education of self and others is the wish for self-knowledge to improve self and develop it to be better than before and for others, the main reason is to take responsibility to give something back to society.

Is education enough for human growth and development?

No and never. There is always some space for improvements. At times which will be detailed later that education stands between individual and society and prevent both from growth and development.

Is education the only answer to world problems?

No the reason for saying no is that no one thing is the only answer to world’s problems. There are as many answers as creative minds are concerned.

What can we contribute to education individually and collectively?

Our contribution to education is to transfer our education and knowledge to our future generations individually and collectively as a society at a local and global level.

Is there any difference between local and global education?

Yes, not due to the difference in location but time and space. Social setups, Geo-political, environmental and social-cultural diversity forces the difference between local and global education.

What is the purpose of education?

  1. To improve and enhance human conditions
  2. Expand the horizons of knowledge
  3. To reduce discrimination
  4. To allow access to everyone.
  5. To improve peace and peaceful co-existence.
  6. To promote mutual understanding.
  7. To enhance mass communication.
  8. To resolve local and global issues and conflicts.
  9. To promote hope and fragrance of life on this planet.