How to enjoy the game of life with a smile

Enjoy the game of life with smile and love

Human life is a game, and we have to decide whether we want to play like a player or want to watch this game as a spectator?

Our life has both types of opportunities available for us; either we take action or sit around the playground and watch others acting their roles in their lives.

However, what I have to say is that this game is worth playing.  Instead of hardships, difficulties, frustration, stress, and pain, we can enjoy it with a smile and love.

We must have an eye and focus on our lives’ mission by whole heart and looking deep inside us, that what is our passion, money, creativity, service, education, art or anything else?

Focusing our full energy on that purpose will end all worries, sorrows, and regrets in minutes. As a lovely saying goes on, “with all your heart find a reason for your living and then give all energies to it.”

Whenever we ask someone, what is the reason not pursuing their life long goal? Their single most popular yet notorious reason is fear.

Fear of failure is paralyzing our human race, not pursuing our dreams, and not accomplishing those things we want to achieve. The second reason is not taking risks.

We are not risk-takers; we are comfortable with our pain, misery, and misfortune but are not ready to leave our comfort zone to do what we want to do.

As Randy Pausch has said about this in his last lecture, “on the death bed, we don’t regret what we do but what we don’t do.”

Keeping this in view, we can say that we must do whatever we want to do in our lives. The universe is abundant; get rid of this scarcity mentality.

Remembering this fact liberates our mind, body, and soul from the hopelessness that this universe is for us, and we are not for this universe.

We are the master of our destiny, and if we want to do something, we listen to “NOs” and rejections. This means that we are doing something we ought to do.

It is not necessary to convince all to see the vision you have created. Let the concept begin his work and show people that your idea for the present and future is not based on just wishful thinking but proper planning and execution.

Enjoy this game of life with love and smile; this the only approach in which you will remain happy. Note: This post was written on 7th March 2015 and published today.

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