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Facts you must know about diary writing

Dairy is your soul mate if you treat it like this. I started dairy writing at an early age. More than two decades, when I wrote my first dairy in 2003.

Every year I start a new dairy, and now when I look back, I only remember the things I have written about all other important things are lost without regret; it is the Golden Gate for me to visit my life year by year.

I have organized these resources to help me remind who I was and what I have become and what I am going to try next to achieve what I want to accomplish.

It is nice to include everything you think essential to you should be in the dairy. Psychologists used those diaries as a tool to self-analysis, and personality assessment to develop theories about human personality, as Jean Piaget’s developmental theories and psychoanalytical theories of Freud, Jung, and others.

Diaries are the most critical tools for knowing yourself and others. It contains a treasure of memories, events that changed your perception about yourself, the world, and other people.

The crucial aspects of your mental and spiritual developments can be traced back to these dairies. At first, it seems impossible, but when you work on your self-reflection, you start enjoying, and in last, you realize that this is the only real friend that doesn’t judge you in any circumstances.

It is better to include your most important thoughts, feelings, and inspirations first, then lesser necessary and, at last, the trivial daily chores. It will help you show what your daily routine was at any particular time of your life.

It is worthy of mentioning that it is more likely to fall in the perfectionist view of the dairy writing or putting it till tomorrow what you can do today.

I have a written record of my life since 2003 past 17 years I have preserved every major life event of my life, academics, and passions. I have used its materials in all most all my books and in various blogs and other writings.

If I have to cross-check any significant event of my life, I have to check my diary for that.

Most people say that their memories fade away, and I respond that if you preserve in any artistic method by photography, videos, and pictures, it will survive time and space. It will give you pleasure remembering your past and the lessons you have learned across the journey.


Start writing dairy right now. Grab a pen and copy and start writing whatever comes to your mind. Once you write it down, everything you can skillfully; sort out why you feel the way you think now? How your habits started and how they gradually shaped your personality?

What do you say about it? Let me know in the comments below.

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