Faizan Public School

Faizan Public school is located at Usterzai Bala, Kohat, Pakistan. It is serving our community for years and it still strives to provide cutting edge education with dedicated staff and management.

We do appreciate their struggle to provide quality education in areas like Usterzai Bala. Among other schools in this area, it has added its share in educational reform, improving the quality of education and building trust and respect towards education in our community.

We have served here, and we still long to serve again. We have found, respect, home-like environment and full support whenever we needed. Students regard, teachers respect, respect for personal privacy and commitment to educational principles, rules, and regulations.

We do believe that one day this school will be a shining star in the sky of success through its hard work and educational excellence. We hope for the better future of the school, its students, teachers, staff, and management.