What is the fear of the unknown what it does to your life

What is the fear of the unknown what it does to your life

Fear of unknown

The death of creativity is only one thing- uncertainty. At the same time, today’s society will convince you that what you do doesn’t have any value. And you will lose your motivation- the fire inside you, which pushes you to greatness. Fear doesn’t exist- it is only in your mind.

If you can create it, you can destroy it, too; it is intangible. The first time when you will do something, you will feel it. But remember that your dreams, ideas, hope, and inspirations play a significant role in shaping your life, and imagination and visualization will clear up your way to you.

Although we say that there is no such thing as fear, whether it is of the unknown, failure, rejection, success, or anything else. But like schizophrenic patients, we have to believe that there is commanding power, and someone is dictating his behavior, someone is talking without having any existence of others.

No one believes him, but if you want to treat him, you first establish a rapport and then accept that yes, you are too seeing, listening, and guided by unknown demons in your mind so that he or she can identify with you. You can devise your treatment plan by knowing the severity of the disorder, i.e., how intense, frequent, and damaging a client’s distressing condition is.

Fearful persons apply just the same pattern. They have trained their minds to look for negativity, the worst-case scenario. While in reality, when you analyze any type of fear, you will discover that ignorance and uncertainty exist at the bottom level. 

I want to share one story; once prisoners of war were heading to their prisons, the commander ordered his soldiers to draw two lines in front of prisoners. On one side of a bar was a dark curtain and, on another line, a shooting squad.

He gives a choice prisoners; they either go ahead and cross the curtain, or they can face a shooting squad. Most prisoners choose shooting squad over the new curtain; while there was nothing behind the curtain, those who crossed the curtain were given a chance to escape and live the lives they wished to live.

It is damaging to your career, relationships, and education. If you are not curious, you lose the motivation to succeed. Uncertainty is a golden chance to grow you mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. You have to wake up and give your life and success one chance and look behind the curtain, but remember, my friend, there are always good things after facing your fears. Be fearless, my friend.

Be continued.

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