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Five Steps To Make Your Content Writing Style

Content Writing Style

Style comes with experience and persistence; if you are beginning your content writing journey, you should not be worried about style, but it is not just like that. This writing skill developed through hours and hours of work, literally blood, sweat, and tears.

No one was ever able to play this as a game. It is hard; cold, lonely, and throne filled road; only the most patient, tolerant, and humble among us choose this.

Making your style

It is formed through a lot of hard work; however, it is not impossible; it is just to try your best for your style.

How to do this?

Here is a stepwise approach to make and continuously improve it through time and experience.

Step first

Study yourself

Know thy self was the slogan of ancient scholars, and it is a popular concept among psychologists today. So, the first step for you is to study yourself deeply. No need to hurry; look at your journals, educational materials; what is your style?

Are you analytical, logical, practical, meaning that you are interested or inclined to figures and facts or emotional, illogical, or original meaning dreaming, fiction, and fantasy is your favorite style?

Do you like to explore the world with senses or with reasoning? Are you an outgoing or solitary person who enjoy your solitude?

The kind of person you are, the style you choose to use, will be perfectly aligned to each other if the contradicting method you select will ruin your chances to make your style even.

Step two

Avoid copying

Yes, if you copy someone else’s style, you doom yourself for failure. Writing is the only profession, as per my knowledge, that doesn’t tolerate copying. Originality is expected in the field, in online presence, as well as for self-satisfaction.

I love that now employers and clients ask for plagiarism free content. If your style is copying and pasting, you will soon be out of the content writing business. If you want to make, your method avoids copying other’s styles.

I want to be honest with you that I find out my style after three years of banging my head with the walls of style (metaphorically) then I learned how to write in my style.

Well, you will not be a slow learner like me, but remember, my friend, you ought to work to establish the foundation of your style.

Step three

Read as much as possible

Yes, to read it right, no matter how learned or educated you are at one point or the other, you are destined to be saturated, and you will start repeating yourself.

When you reach this point, you will not create a single word new but repeat the same concepts and ideas repeatedly, boring yourself and others.

If you want to see that this doesn’t occur to you, then read as much as possible because it is this reading which gives you new ideas, thoughts, point of views.

Sometimes authors give us their life experiences in just one book. Just look at this post. I am giving you my experience of years in only five minutes.

So, the idea here is to read and look at the manifestations of this in your writing. You will be amazed; I promise, if you choose to read daily.

Step four

Choose someone else to edit

Yes, if you are serious about your writing style, the two pairs of eyes play a role in polishing your style. The feedback makes you aware of your mistakes, unconscious errors, as a slip of the tongue exists; the same is a slip of the pen.

You have experienced that you want to write one thing and you wrote another word. It mostly happens when you are confused, troubled, or worried about something else, and the simplified example is when you are giving your exams.

How to deal with this?

Simply show it to your family or friends if you have no budget and hire a freelance editor or any platform like this to edit your writing before publishing. It will boost your creativity as well as your online or offline writing career.

The final step

Write as much as you can

The more you write, the more you will find out what needs to be done to grow as a stylish writer having your style. My observation and experience say that you must write at least 1000 pages to acquire your style.

If I am wrong, you can prove it by giving your example; otherwise, you should start writing your 10th, 100th, and 1000th page to prove me right.

The choice is yours, my friend, whether you want to see your style or not. If yes, I welcome you, and if not, I will not judge you, but I hope if you are reading and searching about it, you will take every step deep down your heart and make it possible.

What do you think about my steps?

I want to say something about its comments are open for you to discuss. I will be grateful to see you here, let’s go…!

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