Four games most real estate agents play

It has been years when I left my home town for pursuing my dreams and chasing and hunting them. It took me years of focused and dedicated hard work from there to here where I am now. In these years I changed my residence in according to my study and work.

While doing this I came up with some important lessons and learned to adapt according to the situation. There were some important tips which helped me choose my current residence with cost-effectivity and in the center of the city from where I can move elsewhere easily and conveniently.

However, it sucked my soul at times while searching and dealing with real estates agencies and agents. I meet literally dozens of estates agents, agencies and landlords, and landladies.

What I have learned in this period I am going to share with you so, that you can avoid a lot of psychological, financial and health-related hurdles in choosing your best residence from agents or agencies which I faced.

I was on my own and I didn’t know that any advice is available out there for me. However, it is available for you, take full advantage of this opportunity.

Here we go;

There is scarcity

One of the most common game is to create scarcity, and this ultimately helps them to take a higher commission from you.

When they create scarcity mentality your responsibility is to think abundantly make this clear to yourself first then the agent that there are a lot of houses for rent and sale this is simply that they are not aware of, stand up and go another one then another one.

Knock at every door you see someone will have that house you are looking for. It took me five hours to search for my first house on rent in a metropolitan city. You are more likely to find it in less time and effort.

They will try

This game starts with a future lope, they stick you in the corner hanging, my friend for search and try for yourself they are not free to try for you. You will always be disappointed if you start waiting for them.

I remember when I was changing my third house I approached dozens of real estate agents and only one called me back after weeks when I already have been living in my fourth house.

And he offered me a sale on a house which would earn him thousands of dollars commission. While I was only wanted to rent a house for short term residence while completing my professional course.

Prices are high

This is another one but “believe me” as President Trump says😇👴the price is never high in real estates. I have a keen interest in this field since 2014, I have seen a price decrease rather than increase.

So the rule of a thumb is to this is just another trick, the price hike is just a miracle, and it doesn’t happen always. So, before going anywhere else first see your local government real estates prices if you didn’t research my friend and didn’t ask the market value of a property agent will eat you alive.

You don’t believe let’s have an example, I bought a shop for my brother some years ago and I ended up paying agent 30% more commission and money to shop owner.

Because I didn’t research the market value of that shop. When I came to know the market value of that shop it broke my heart but it was a great lesson which helped me in the future.

Now it’s up to you to decide; are you ready to research or want to be looted like me?

Upfront commission

This is one of the worst game agents play, they call it professional fees but it is the most inhuman practice they have in their tool kit. They take from you their commission and have no concern whether you are comfortable with the landlord/lady.

Either they are providing you with the agreed-upon services or you have to sort out all things on your own. When you go back to the agent they will offer you another house just to earn their next commission from you.

Never ever give them upfront commission until and unless you are satisfied with the agreement and they take full responsibility for any conflict resolution between you and the other party. By doing so, you not only secure your money but also yourself from the psychological burden and legal issues.

What to do

When you are searching for, your house remember to do these things.

Practice confidence

Yes, confidence is your source of motivation in every aspect of your life. Confidence is simply the knowledge that you can do it with all odds in the way. When you believe that you can do it. You actually do whatever you want to do.

Ready to go

Remember, that you are the customer and you have power over any process of business if you see anything wrong in the process stay safe and pull yourself back from the battle no one has ever won.

Choose yourself

Last but not the least, choose yourself and looking into the pros and con’s of the deal, don’t be afraid to ask for help from concerned authorities if you think that something is wrong with the process.

Be patient and never engage in fights or other impulsive activities. It is just a deal, not a life or death thing.

If you make a bad deal you will learn a good lesson for life and I make a good deal you will be more confident in your ability to decide for yourself. Want to know more about your decision making process read this post.

Remember that:

From creating scarcity mentality to they will try to find you a house, from price hikes to upfront commissions they play these games, not for fun but for a reason you should understand and do the same to succeed

I hope it will help you in your quest for the perfect house.

What do you think let me know in the comments below…

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