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Why Governmental health care needs reforms

It is a duty of every regional medical department and its staff to provide quality health care and timely response and a quick response to the patient, their family, and attendants.

I am sitting in the radiology JPMC for ultrasound, and the doctor will show up maybe at 10 or 11 and will leave at 11:30.

You may understand what I am talking about, and if you have pelvic pain like me, you will feel what this one or two hours mean.

In countries like Pakistan and locations like Karachi, long waits, the Monopoly of medical staff, and the destructive behaviors and conduct of so-called security staff are unbearable. It seems like it is a fate of citizen who pays taxes and charities and donations which goes directly into the pockets of these honorable and respected doctors and nurses and their staff.

This psychological burden and emotional labor make us feel worse than it has to be. And I may be sorry that no bureaucrat, politician, military, or business professional will ever visit these hospitals.

However, looking to the hospitals’ counter shows that 70 to 80% of patients visit these hospitals, and national health care facilities are soaring due to these professionals’ negligence; this is not the case that we lack health care facilities, yet we are among the worst health care systems among nations of the world.

What do you think about this situation, and what is the cause and effect of these situations on public health and wellness? It is an overall decline of faith in service and humanity in our society.

PM, chief minister, and health minister must visit here without any protocol and any prior information. If no check and balance is a norm and continued to be a norm will further damage citizens’ hope.

I am incredibly sorry that neither government, local government, or health ministry is interested in serving us nor the staff and management.

I am pointing fingers at all staff, but I am saying about those who don’t know their duty and what cost Citizens, their health, and their loved ones. For us, it is just a door of hell, which we perceive as heaven.

Those of you who have visited here know and can resonate with my words for others; it might be a voice in vain. No effect, no impacts; however, the duty should be treated as duty.

If the system doesn’t work well, one or two rare cases can’t matter anything. Through this platform, I urge everyone concerned to see this as a mirror and reflect on it.

Not everyone is a millionaire, neither governmental funds are available to the common man. We all are not politicians either that even in prison, 4’5 medical boards will discuss our conditions, or the court will give us exemption for just stress and frustration.

We are the only voice of our own, we can raise a voice, and the government will be forced to listen and take action against those who are misusing their powers and violating their people’s rights. I hope this will open the eyes of the government if they haven’t closed it permanently

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