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Hierarchy of love and belonging needs

Love is the language of emotions. Every emotion has its own language. Everyone is unique in this world; there is no substitute for any given person. Every particular person speaks, talks, and understands the same style he is conditioned his mind too.

In this post, you will find different love languages and identify your style, as well as how to respond to others who have conditioned to the many words of love.

Language is all about communication, and it’s about the two-way process of transformation. Love is a beautiful emotion-charged with energy and hope for the best future and perfect life. And if perfection doesn’t exist, how one can idealize and visualize the best-case scenario.

Love has different languages, both verbal and non-verbal. Verbal ones are common and can be learned while nonverbal are quite subtle and mostly unconscious we know little about.


The first language is confirmation. This language is about the synchronization of mental processes and behaviors of two individuals in the same or similar pattern. They conform to almost all things.

They start talking about the same things, people, topics, their opinions are similar. They start saying the word we more often than you and I.


They start approving everything independent of other influences. Sometimes it seems illogical to others that why lovers support everything every time. But this second language is more important than the other one, confirmation.

In confirmation, just facts and figures, or other words, information about the external world is confirmed by lovers, but in approval, the internal states of mind respond to the same stimulus with the same or similar responses.

Once the approval is internalized, they speak a higher level of love language. This language is known as trust.


Trust means the unconditional positive regard in the words of Carl Rogers; this simply means that now the lover starts understanding the unspoken words, the unheard storms in mind, body, and souls.

Now words are just relatively unnecessary; even silence can be understood and interpreted effectively. This is higher in order due to the understanding of nonverbal communication between the two hearts and minds.

Once the lovers start listening to the silence of a partnership and companionship, and understanding and interpreting the language of trust, they start another higher level of love, and that is respect.


This language is the most important as well as rare in the modern world because respect means self-respect first. This language is spoken beyond verbal or nonverbal causes, gestures, and postures.

It can only be felt and experienced by the other partner; no one else can tell you that he or she respects you; only you can feel and experience that respect in their behavior and attitudes.

Those of you who know or speak this language are the people to whom angels can envy. But this is not the last language. In the hierarchy of all love languages highest of all love languages is the sacrifice.


Sacrifice is the ultimate goal of love and life. After learning all the love, as mentioned earlier, languages one can speak and understand this language.

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