How to rank higher in youtube
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How to rank higher on youtube

Dear reader!

If you are beginner this is for you, if you are Pro it is for you too however if you are an expert then you know it already this is for you only if you want to use this as a reminder.

Before going to advance let’s see some basics here.

Work on yourself

What do you mean by this?

Before diving into the ocean of digital competition.

Work on yourself and know yourself inside out.

What do you want to achieve?

What is your purpose in life?

What are your priorities? Be very clear about it.

The more you work on you the more you shine.

Sharpen your tools

You read right yeah if you chop a wooden plank with an ax not Sharp enough necessary to chop then you not only wasting your time but also your energy and resources.

Never dive this ocean without any preparation.

Confidence is just being prepared.

The more you prepare yourself for the dive the more confident you will see yourself and as a result, you will achieve what you want to achieve in a short time while other people will struggle for years to reach you.

Commitment & Persistence

These are keys to give momentum to your game.

Commitment towards your goals and Persistence towards achieving them are game-changers in this world.

No success can be imagined without these two wings.

No matter what attitude and I will make it happen one day is a mindset of champions. Cultivate it in your mind and heart.

Put time for thinking and reflecting:

Avoid the childish attitude of throwing whatever comes to your mind.

Be mature enough to be able to polish your ideas and clear your thinking patterns. After refining your ideas present it in an artistic way.

In a beautiful and elegant way.

Work on your content and presentation style. Don’t copy anyone, don’t listen to naysayers.

If you are ready then only you can decide what to do and when to do it.


This is a part of a game, the more you practice the more you understand it.

Here are some techniques extracted from experts of this game who are still playing and guiding others to achieve more than them to thrive in the digital world. With joy and pleasure.

Know your Audience

Make an ideal profile of your audience to whomever you want to deliver your message.

This is the most important step in the ladder of the digital and real-world market.

What are their fears, what are their problems and issues?

What they want to listen to and watch for?

What talent and expertise of yours can provide them?

Look for similar people to provide the same content as yours?

What you can provide which will stand you out from the crowd.

Watch time

After determining your audience, what is your watch time?

It depends on your topic if your topic is entertainment related then short timings are better if you are in serious topics like academics and tutorials then a longer duration is better so that your audience grasp what you want to deliver.

The more audience watches or clicks on your Video the more watch time you will get which will increase your ranking ultimately.

Look how many are Hooked to your videos:

This is basically the psychology of persuasion, finding out the logical sequence of your content will hook up your audience to your videos and will drive your video rank higher.

YouTube analytics will help you to keep an eye on such aspects take help from it.

Build relationships:

It doesn’t mean to give your personal number to someone but engages in conversation once in a while through comments.

Remember one thing that your audience needs the answer to their questions or solutions to their problems not you or your business is important to them so build trust and give first then sit and receive later.

You will find out that by giving either value or time of value will pave your way to success.


Don’t think too much about outcomes, many people leave on a one-yard line.

Whatever you are doing will pay off one day and don’t attach yourself to end results.

Sometimes it takes time and courage to wait for the desired outcome. So, don’t attach your efforts to the outcomes to soon.

Content composition/Script formula

Do a very short introduction no more than 15 sec. And jump to the theme or topic of your video. Engagement is necessary to ask for engagement if you have time to engage.

Add Graphics

The picture is worth a thousand words or stories.

Take advantage of graphics to add value to your video.

Provide eyes catching pictures and graphical representation of figures and facts.

Build a community

Build a community and provide information on how to connect with you so that those who are interested in your mission can help you to achieve your common goals.


Caring starts with sharing, share your videos on other social media platforms and if you have a website or blog post and share your videos there too.

It will increase your visibility and ranking both.


Create a beautiful thumbnail for your videos most of the videos are watched due to its thumbnail.

Many surveys of marketing have proved it again and again.

Final words

Crate a short, concise and bold title with a good topic, with preparation and commitment you will be the next YouTube star soon.

See you at the top…

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