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How to choose your battles; Part First

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It is a fact not a fiction that one has to fight for his rights with those who have oppressed.

Standing up for ones right, excepting the consequences of the decision and for peace and justice, one has to fight.

With different types of weapons not always with guns but if necessary than it is not limited to this too.

Sometimes speaking out aloud, pen and political and professional strikes can do a lot more than merely guns will ever do.

However, it is necessary that one has to choose his battles.

Fighting for everything and with everyone is not a wise strategy of war.

The art of war revolves around immediate threats and potential threats.

Immediate threats need our attention first and for the most times in our lives, we must focus on these.

Potential threats should be taken into account but they can be delayed with strategy and tactics.

Individually as a person and collectively as a state, we can understand our standing in our ground realities if we exercise, these following steps necessary to succeed and victorious in any field.

Here they are:

Accept whatever life gives to you

It seems a cliché but most of us don’t accept whatever life gives to us.

Life is a grand design of the universe, it never gives anyone anything worthless, useless and unnecessary.

It gives only those experiences we need to succeed in our life.   

Accept criticism

I am not joking, yes, you must accept criticism. Sincere criticism is a mirror to your blind spots.

No matter how smart you are and how aware you are about yourself, but if you realize that you can’t see your blind spots with your eyes, you can only see it through others eyes.

Appreciate their criticism and work on your improvements.

Accept that you have to fight alone

It is better to be surrounded by others, protected and feeling safe in others presence.

But, the strongest and the bravest always choose to fight alone.

Only the weak and the cruel fight collectively, for their individual gains.

Accept that you have to fight alone no matter how much you are supported by people around you.

Accomplish peace with yourself

You can’t fight two battles at the same time with different enemies and in different battlefields.

First, you have to accomplish peace with yourself so that you are not mentally divided when you step into the battlefield.

Avoid distractions

In history, many victories were turned around in defeat due to distractions.

The more you have distraction the more you are prone to defeat.

Never distract yourself from your only goal to defeat and become victorious.

What do you think?

If you find something else in choosing your battles, let us know in the comments below

To be continued…

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