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How to master thesis writing

Thesis writing is a full-time job. It’s important, urgent, and a must-have priority that you can not postpone. I have seen many scholars, researchers, and students struggling with thesis writing.

I was too at the same stage once but it’s completion made me realize that the task completed boosts your confidence more than anything else.

I have completed my thesis writing in just two months. In this post, I am going to break down the mechanism of thesis writing so, that you can complete it in the lesser time than me or anyone else.


Yes, plan precisely because if you are waiting for the perfect time to start it then you will be disappointed because it will not come magically it is a daily and weekly effort that makes it one of the best strategies to complete a thesis on time.


By strategy I mean Break down thesis into different parts. Hypothetically first collect literature, then review it, then devise a plan to test the hypothesis, collect data, analyze it, interpret, convey results, discuss your results, recommendations for the future research thesis on the same topic by you and for others, lastly now conclude your abstract.


Once you strategize now its time to write it strategically. Write introduction first, then methods of your research, then results, discussion, and in last abstract. Never mind the grammar, or anything else include everything you want to include. You can edit later. It is your first draft so, don’t worry about things you can make better later.


Editing starts with the raw draft you have already written. Edit it in the style you have been guided by your supervisors, teachers, and clients.


Now js the time to revise and rewrite it. The better words, phrases, and formal style should be on your list of rewriting thesis.


After rewriting refine it more, take out unnecessary jargons aim to target an average reader who wants to understand and take guidance from your research. They should be on your priority list.


Define everything that is challenging or complex to your readers don’t assume that they are as intellectually brilliant as you. If they were as keen they would be writing not reading your thesis.


Once you define your and your target readers’ goals and complex concepts in general and more populistic language, now is the time to polish your thesis with grammar and plagiarism check.

Although you have made any possible measures to avoid plagiarism and grammatical mistakes unintentional is beyond your consciousness. Checking these makes your written material more polished and ready to publish but wait.


Yes, you right to avoid online and offline pirates roaming around you. Don’t share polished thesis with anyone you can’t trust. Only share this with your supervisor, trusted friends and colleagues. Once you publish it, share it on every platform you want to share.


Select journals before even writing your thesis. It will save a lot of frustration and waiting on your side.


Discuss any possible issues with your editor and publishers once you have completed your thesis. Try to include a mutually beneficial contract between you and them.

Answer questions

Answer any questions you are asked by a panel of professors, committee and other

You are done

Now you have to publish and share your thesis with your colleagues who can benefit from your research.

Donate your one copy to your departmental library and the other to your degree-awarding college where your teachers and upcoming generations will proudly announce the word that their student and elder have done the research and here is the proof.

The feeling of appreciation from your teachers and children gives you the satisfaction that you can’t seek anything else.

Now you have mastered the art of thesis writing now to help out those who are in need to complete their thesis and have an impact on the global and local levels.

Enjoy the academic and research journey ahead, because this just starts not an end.

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