How to stand up for yourself in tough time
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How to stand up for yourself in a tough time

The best time I think for standing up for yourself is the tough time life and its circumstances have given you. It is hard to think clearly in the fog of uncertainty but sometimes we have to listen to ourselves deep down if we want to be strong and dependable.

Life is hard and there is no joke in living life worth living. It does not matter how hard your life is or how tough the situation might be if you choose to fight back, then this post is for you. Read and let me know was it helpful or not.

Know yourself

Yes, you read it right. Know yourself if you don’t know how to know yourself read this post first. Without knowing yourself you are destined to fall back into your own limiting vision of yourself.

Knowing really yourself helps you to find your reasoning to stand up for yourself in difficult and risky situations. It also helps you out of those fears, anxiety, and stress you are piling up due to the inability to decide whether you should stand for yourself or sit down and let people walk all over you.

Know yourself because the only reason you have to fight is you and if you don’t know that you are standing in front of your own way to success and freedom than with whom you want to fight?

Know your responsibilities

After knowing yourself, you need to know your responsibilities and the most important thing is to know that you are responsible for your own thinking and actions.

Meaning that you are the one to count on and are the one to know that you have personal, professional and social responsibilities.

The day you know this that will pave the way for standing up for yourself in every way of life whether it’s relationships, business and professional situations or in academic, social or ethical commitments.

Know your Rights

Knowing yourself, your responsibilities are the building blocks for your journey of standing for yourself in tough times to know what are your rights.

I am not only talking about your human rights (the right to live, success, business, and movement and mobility) but also your rights in your society, relationships, and in your area of interest.

The way up the ladder is to know your rights as a person you have in any given situation between you and you and among you and others.

Know your boundaries

If you want to defend your boundaries you should probably find ones. If you want to establish your boundaries read this post first.

If you have already established you know how to defend your boundaries then you now just need to be assertive.

Be assertive

To me, assertiveness means saying no to the defensive and aggressive approaches of others. It means standing up for yourself and the things you care about. It means respecting others’ boundaries and expect the same in return.

The more assertive you become the more you are able to take everything in your control. All controllable are controlled and all uncontrollable managed if you are assertive.

By birth, we are assertive however our education, training, and emotions trick us to be more non-assertive. It has nothing to do with the aggressiveness is an act of selfishness while violating others’ rights and boundaries.

Manage your emotions

Emotions are those driving agents that keep us moving. It is an accelerator of mind, body, and soul. It is like storm or flood it comes at once and left everything in front not the same as it was before hitting it.

Emotions help us to recognize what is a matter in hand and how we can fight back without even consulting the mind and heart. We can’t manage storms or floods from happening but we can manage them to minimize their destructiveness.

Emotions are hardwired from our unconscious to protect us from internal or external threats. And it doesn’t care what will be the consequences. What it will do to you to take immediate action without any delay.

It pushes us to decide to do or die. But most of the time it is just the perception of the danger, not the actual physical danger. Anger is an emotion when you are angry you want to kill the person in front of you.

If you chose to manage it it will save you your time and energy if you chose not to act on emotions without consulting your head and heart. If you succeeded in managing your emotions you are likely to stand up for yourself.

The fears and doubts will take care of themselves and you will be free to see the clear picture of any given situation and you will give a thought to your reactions proactively.

Decide your battles

Although we are aggressive social animals our humanity has thought us not to fight like animals. we must decide our battles before even preparing for battles. Fighting with little people will settle you down to their size.

Stay big and chose bigger battles like achieving massive success and choosing to fight against injustice worldwide, having any worthwhile cause, fighting with poverty and hunger, for education and human rights violations.

If you chose to fight for others you will definitely fight for yourself too it’s not logical though but it is psychological. If you have chosen your battles than you are on the right path to stand up for yourself in tough times.

You have to fight for yourself

The truth is that you have to fight for yourself no matter what the circumstances are telling you.

What others around you are predicting and what others are going to tell you if you have made up your mind for the fight you likely succeed because according to Joan of Arc most battles are won and lost in minds even stepping to the battlefield.

It’s so true that no one having a brain at the right place will argue about it. Prepare yourself for the battle of existence. This can be against you, your family and friends. But in order to stand up for your rights, you have to fight.

Against yourself

Sometimes it is just you and only you who are standing in the way of freedom and emotional independence. Allow yourself to be sad and miserable about your situations.

The faking until you make it is not a successful strategy all the time. Sometimes you have to look outside of your comfort zone. No matter what the circumstances are if you have conditioned yourself for success than there is no way to lose this fight against you.

The mind is a battlefield for positivity and negativity, happiness and sadness, love and hate, logic and emotions. In this battle, you gonna lose if you settle for less than the best. And don’t fear the battle against you fought by you.

If you have to fight against you to stand for yourself in tough times you should prepare yourself for this inside game. Remember that sometimes success is on the other side of fears.

Against your family

Yeah, you read it right after your own self demons there are demons of your family which is fighting against you that you are sacrificing every time. Family relationships are not by choice its a destiny.

But destiny should not be misunderstood if you can choose to communicate properly with your family members. In hard, tough, and rough times it feels like that is on your heels and nerves.

Your fight begins when your family starts to violate your rights. Family is all about mutual respect and if you can find it in the family then leave it just it as and make your life somewhere else.

Remember that the most important person in your life must be you. Don,t fear the judgment of family members probably they will not understand your situation now but they will respect you when they see you succeed in your academic, career, and professional life.

Standing up for yourself is the best policy I have seen and experienced in my life, career and professional life. The only necessity for it is to face it.

Against friends

Friends are the roots of your happy life. But sometimes in time of transitions in your life, you see the real faces of them. They are violating your rights, abusing your boundaries and damaging your social status and reputations.

You are seen as the same as your friends are seen in the community. If you want to raise your standards you should stop pleasing everyone in your friends.

Those who care about you and will understand you and will be there for you and those who don’t will leave you for your and their good.

Isn’t this worth it to stand for yourself in tough times to recognize who is your real friend and who is just passing time with you for fun and you can’t rely on them?

Friendships are complementary relations if they are there they will benefit you mentally, emotionally, and spiritually and they are not there you can make new friendships.

Learn patiently

Now after all the fighting and battle scenarios focus on the most important thing and that is to learn patiently. Patience is the key to everything.

If you can wait for the best to happen and you are working about it day in and day out then you will achieve which unachievable to inpatient people.

Trusting the process and not expecting that change will happen in just one-day give you the courage to stand up for yourself in tough times.


In any change in behavior and mental attitude, self-reliance is the best habit to nurture and pursue it relentlessly.

Depending on yourself and not depending on others is the best choice you can choose from all the available choices in freedom of expression and actions according to your own conscience.


The knowledge of anything that you can do, have done before and will do will give you the confidence to stand up for your rights.

Winston Churchill said in one of his speeches that it’s confidence to stand up and speak and it’s confidence to sit and listen. Listening makes you smarter and wise than any other person’s skill.


The will to do no matter what attitude is a perfect definition of courage. It takes courage to stand up for yourself. In other words, only courageous people can stand up for themselves and others.


Hate is the negative side of love. Love gives you wings to fly in the world of opportunities. it’s a lie that you love yourself and not standing up for yourself.

Love requires courage and confidence to step into the dangerous zones of creativity and opportunities, the universe conspires to make everything possible according to Paolo Cohelo’s Alchemist. So, in tough times give yourself to love and then just see the miracles happening.


People walked all over you, your rights and boundaries, you were mistreated, you were looked down upon, you were not invited in the friends’ gatherings, your proposals of friendships and relationships were rejected, you were bullied, cheated and abused by your loved ones, your family and friends.

It’s ok, now you have decided to stand up for your rights then forgive yourself first for not standing up for you in the first time you were deceived.

Then forgive them all who have taken advantage of you. Because if you love them they will be in your heart and if you hate them they will be in your mind. Forgiving them will forget every single sad memory from your mind and heart. Then you will be free to stand up for your rights.


Inner peace and the outer one is a result of standing up for your rights. Peace a complete absence of aggression, communication takes power from aggression and it boosts your confidence. It gives you the courage to stand up against all your enemies and give them the challenge to try you again.


This was all about standing up for yourself in tough times in your life. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below, don’t forget to share it with others to whom you care. Enjoy your visit here.

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