How to turn around your content errors

Most of the companies, websites that we visit, 90 to 95% has content errors either in their presentation of content or in the first process- writing it.

How to turn around your content errors is a skill that content writing teams of any business or website must acquire and excel to succeed in both writing and presentation of the content.

We will first cover what are the reasons behind these errors? After that, we will elaborate on those personal, professional and business attitudes that kill our chance to produce and present the best possible content we can.

And lastly the importance of user experience to see and mold your content strategy according to their and your needs and requirements.

First, let us have a deep look at the writer perspective and their responsibility towards turning around the material he or she produce and present.

Following are those reasons that we are doing constantly that annoy our visitors and customers;


Complexity is a killer of understanding and comprehension. When you writing for websites, blogs or anything. First, say to yourself that you are telling a story of a business and brand to average visitors or customers that may be intermediately educated.

Burdening them with complex information and hard to read sentences and paragraphs will kill their moods and they will fly away.


Yes, miscommunication is the most important aspect of a strategy of presentation of information that you wish to convey.

Saying the right thing wrongly distorts communication and it creates a barrier between a business and its customers or vice versa.

Poor copy

As you may know, that content is for engagement and copy is for selling with pure marketing element. Poor copy presents you as a sleazy salesman or women who say repeatedly; buy this, shop this, order this.

What you miss is; why they should buy this? What are the specifications that make this product and service unique and special among others? What are the benefits and consequences?

What is the descriptive or statistical likelihood that other customers wish to buy or avail of this product or service? and much more.

Hiding information

Yes, readers and customers are not dumb enough to pick this because you might think that hiding something or information will favor you in the long run. But experience and knowledge will convince you that this I, not a case.

Misleading or fake information on your side backfires in the long run. If your reviews are not authentic it will make you vulnerable to spamming and black hat strategies that will boost your performance, visibility and customer base but eventually, it will fail because you can’t fool everyone every time.

What you have and what you can offer and what are your capacities? Be very clear and specific on that save you and your customers’ time and psychological labor. Do not hide anything.

As a writer, it is your responsibility to provide as much information to your reader as much you can because it is their right to know.

Not putting in the work

Some people want to crowns without any struggle and hardships. If you think the same way than it is a big reason for your writing and content development strategy.

To succeed you have to work first, remember that what Philp the father of Alexander told him when he was young? “King is not born but becomes as a result of hardships”.

The same applies here to writers also are not born they become due to the hardships of craft learning and improving their capacities by learning new techniques and ways that can enhance their craft. Errors show their brutal face when you are reluctant to put work into perspective.


The number one killer of your talent and productivity is procrastination. Putting everything for tomorrow and resting today when you can do it now and rest tomorrow. Sometimes people find errors and mistakes in their writing but procrastination keeps them waiting to not correct it until it is too late to recover.

Not serious

Seeing people humoristic style;e of work ethics turns top performers and contributors to stop performing and contributing to non-serious companies, businesses and ultimately writers. Life and business are always serious it doesn’t let you laugh because it doesn’t allow you to laugh because you are not free.

If you are not serious then what is the chance of your readers or customers to take you and your writing seriously? It is next to zero. Every content that you create must be serious because even comedians rehearse seriously that is the reason for their success. If you are interested in turning your content into customer and readers’ magnet then you must be serious.

Casual treatment

Some writers think that they can write whatever they want to, although it might be true sometimes but not all times. Casual treatment of content generation and presentation will knock you over if you continue to do that.

Serious attitude and interest in the specific field or niche will earn you money, success, and respect while writing on every topic will give you nothing but frustration, stress, and boredom.

Customer care services

Test of a real and fake businesses is in their customer care services. If they have great customer services they have won the game of customer satisfaction and acquisition.

It doesn’t matter how skill full you are if have poor customer care services then don’t waste your time on building or bragging about your skillset.

Lack of conversation

If your content or copy lacks conversation then it is next to useless because either content or copy is a story and imagine if it lacks dialogue and conversation what else is there then?

Lack of motivation

If you lack the motivation to build, maintain and market then don’t dive in the sea of unlimited opportunities. Lack of motivation is the root of all evils in all religious and psychological texts and traditions. You are successful and fail as much you are motivated or not.

No call to action

Writing, editing, formatting, grammar checking, and publishing is next to useless if you include no call to action in it. Call to action is the most important aspect of copy as well as content writing.

Ask any experienced copy or content writer and he will tell you that it is the backbone of any writing strategy either online or offline printing and publishing.


Promotion is another important aspect of content turnarounds. It is difficult to gauge the effectiveness of any strategy either copy or content without promotion. Promotion is the presentation of your great efforts so work on this aspect.


This is the promotional aspect of your writing services. Once you complete and publish your content then work on advertising it in multiple resources. along with marketing and selling to achieve Customer Satisfaction with on-time Delivery with proper Checklist for your product and service.

Accountability and Reaching out to your customers and talking to them will encourage your employees to work with greater satisfaction if you prove yourself as a good leader not the boss.

With help of these strategies sure you will turn around your content writing errors and thrive in the digital marketing. Enjoy your journey ahead.