Decision making is the rule to succeed in life; we have too much to lose before we find ourselves, dreams, and inspirations.

In this post, you will find about decision making and the barriers to it, and how to eliminate those barriers to succeed in your life. Let’s talk about the process first.


This process starts with the identification of an issue or problem and the decisions for solving these issues.


In this stage, you start gathering all relevant aspects of the issue and all possible decisions which can help you to sort out alternatives.

The Alternatives

After the information collection process, you have to sort out all possible alternatives to help you in the next stage.

Weightage of pro and cons

Here you weigh the pro and cons of those alternatives and the consequences of your decisions you have not yet taken.


After weighing the pros and cons of all possible alternatives, now you can select the best or, in other words, the most suitable choice among them.


Once you selected the best possible choice, you have to act and act instantly. If you didn’t perform, all the process is wasted time, money, and resources.


Your actions have consequences when you act on your decisions. The review process starts. Here you review what are those consequences ad how they impacted either positively or negatively.


If you didn’t find favorable results, you could change your decisions you have already sorted out. At least one choice will solve your issue.

The cycle of the process

The repetition of this process again is the key to win in life.

Barriers to the decision-making process

The psychological barriers are given below which tries to derail your decision-making process;

Seeking Perfection

Perfection is a philosophical concept rather than factual. These are the imaginary lines like latitude and longitude.

For some, perfection is just an illusion, but it is a whole different thing for others.

In this stage of my life, both are right in this way that they are defining themselves in some uncommon ways. Sometimes it forces us to think out of a box.


Most of the time, our assumptions are purely based on our judgments. They can’t let us think of out of the box for life, which in its nature dynamic, full of motion and emotions.

These limits are defined by subjectivity having no objective grounds.

Metaphysical and parapsychological concepts

I loved my life in different ways. It surprises me to think countless times, although growth is made up of simple facts. But these simple facts are not so common.

Our senses are not quite well in comprehending what is metaphysical or parapsychological.

Lack of purpose in life

Understanding life and its facts and figures are quite simple but not easy, especially if you lack the purpose of your life or, according to Viktor Frankl, the meaning of your life.

Life after death doctrine

I think the only easy task for us is living and not dying. Yet we don’t know whether there are for sure any better or worst after death.

Misunderstanding of time

It is refreshing to know that we all live simultaneously; we have to spend on similar tasks with the same destinies.

What to do about it?

An attitude of gratitude and misery

Some are crying for its bitterness others are happy handling just these tragedies of life. It is no more secret that all willing to live people are more satisfied with their lives than those eager to die.

How important is it to create this mindset of an attitude of gratitude?

We all would be just toys of destiny if we chose not to decide to act in our right.

Decision-making process

We either live our life of choice when we decide to collect the benefits of the right decisions. However, the right decisions are the results of bad decisions; this is where wisdom creeps into the scene.

Know your options

Those who believe in a side hustle must realize that failure is an option, but quitting is not. You should know your opportunities to win and decide for a better future.

The struggle is a necessity of this process

The struggle is the most precious secret of the universe. Finding a good match that can make you proud today and in the future is your journey, not the destination.

Thinking about the bigger picture

I feel pity for those who never thought big things more significant than their fragile selves. It makes their lives too short that they don’t have even ordinary lives.

Include death in your most important decisions

I used to counsel Hepatitis ‘C’ patients in one of the patient support programs struggling with liver cirrhosis.

When they were told, you are going to die. They started their lives once again with emotions, pride, and gratitude.

Sometimes I thought to myself, why we wait too long to start living? Death and dying are not in our control; however, living is in our possession. At least we can choose not to die before we dye.


These are the cognitive components of decision making. What do you think about it? Let me know in the comments below.

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