Introduction to Psychology of Success series

The psychology of success is simple, yet most of us don’t know that it takes one to change our lives and careers forever. Success is our default state of being, from inception to birth, from infancy to childhood, from adolescence to adulthood. We can’t live without success; life without success is death.

My intention is not to offend or defend anyone in the present, past, or the future. What these writers have written, spoken, and learned about success. My only intention is to express my ideas on success and how I found it, what it meant to me, and what it means to me now?

How it transformed me, and how can it change anyone who is as obsessive and addictive of success as I am?

I dedicate this series to my students, patients, clients, friends, teachers, and parents who believed in me more than I thought myself. The only thing they wanted and prayed for was to see me successful.

My personal, professional, and academic success are all due to their countless struggles, hardships and I am lucky that I am blessed with such great people who give me the courage to pursue my dreams and realize them with my persistence and dedication.

I am still working on my bigger goals, like sharing my dreams and passion with like-minded people like you, educating people from small villages by giving them technical skills to earn their livings. Through financial freedom, they can free themselves from oppression and claim their independence from all dogmas they have been enslaved to.

My perspective will be a psychological one; however, I can not say that it’s not ideological, political, social, economic, and, most importantly, building a better future with education and consciousness.

All errors are mine; however, all merits contribute something to human consciousness at any level regarding success. Who served humanity without any discrimination.

In this series, you will find the essential concepts of success. These are extracted from success literature, and it is a result of hundreds of hours of research, experience, and a successful career in counseling and psychotherapies. Following concepts will be covered one by one:

The Psychology of success

Rules and principles of success

Keys to success, which are embedded in your mind by default even before birth?

What is the relationship between happiness and success?

Why is satisfaction with life essential in success?

What are some key aspects of satisfaction with life?

What to do with the loneliness of success?

What is religion for success?

What your orientation about life says about you?

How can you cope with life and its stresses?

How can you survive in the world of adversity?

How to stop the noises of others, their expectations, and false admiration?

How can you integrate your meaning of life in your dreams for the present and future?

What it looks like when you are successful?

What it looks like when you are not?

Now! What to do?

What to do now when you are successful?

Myths of success?

Reality of success

World philosophy about success

Future of success literature

Creativity, rebellion, reflection, and success

Revelation, intuition, whispers, and success

The beginning of an end

Uncertainty- time for decisions

Commitment and success

Love and success

Passion and success

Desire and success

Fire within

Being open-minded

Opening your heart and soul to the success

Being ready for this journey we call success

Love or death in success

Choice is yours

Why waste time in failure?

What is the time for success?

What are love, life, and paradise in success?

What are hate, death, and hell in failure?

Know thy positive self!

Be aware of your negativity

Create a life with success

Run towards your dreams

From hell to heaven with success

Run towards impossibles

What does it take to be before achievement?

Know your ignorance in success

You are a reflection of your dreams

Look, listen, think, then act for success

Be ready for the consequences of success

The only way to deal with success- be humble always.

Courage to act for success

Freedom of heart and soul is success

Legacy of success

Purpose rather than results in success

Satisfaction with life in success

The art of Solitude in success

Love and joy beyond measure in success

Death with no regrets in success

Positive impacts on humanity with success

Barriers to negativity for success

It’s more psychology than mechanics

Progress to the future in success

Expanding your limits to the success

Unstoppable and undefeatable self

Self-actualization in success

Irreversible growth in success

Lean towards the top for success

Minimizing distractions for success

Immortality- living beyond space and time in success

Infinity in success

Creativity in success

Dissolution in being and nothingness in success

Existence in success


Final words

The above concepts and more will be covered in the following blog posts; stay tuned and blessed.

I wish you all the best.

What do you think I should be writing on psychology topics of success series apart from the above ones? Let me know in the comments below.

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