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Self-reflection: Life lessons in 2020

Self-reflection: What I learned in 2020 will help me all my life ahead and, indeed, you too, because life lessons are universal experiences that help us live the rest of our lives successful and wise.


Self-reflection is a psychological concept that enhances your normal psychological maturity.


Learning is a relatively permanent change in behaviors, thoughts and reasoning.


2020 was a defining year that started with COVID 19 and affected millions of people around the world. Along with scientists, doctors, and community leaders who were fighting back and doing their best to cure the disease. Many conspiracy theorists were first in the denial, and then an aggressive tune and progressive rage towards world governments, political systems, and medical professionals.

In these situations that continues, what i learned in 2020 that wil help me all my life i am sharing with you.

Life lessons:

Self-reflection: What I learned in 2020 will help me all my life ahead and, indeed, you too, because life lessons are universal experiences that help us live the rest of our lives successful and wise.

In 2014, I had a t-shirt with a text and my favorite quote on it and said, Learn from your mistakes and do them again correctly. Since then till now, I am a fan of errors.

I learn that the more mistakes you make, the more you have matured. If your orientation towards life loves you welcome mistakes, you don’t fear the consequences.

I have seen many people repeat their mistakes, and they don’t learn anything because they fear the consequences. In my life’s journey, I found that when you make mistakes, don’t try to hide or accept responsibility. Take full responsibility for your failures, faults, errors, and missteps are ready for the punishment.

Don’t say sorry but accept the consequences and punishment with an open heart and mind. You will never repeat it; although it is not mathematical, it is psychological, and psychology doesn’t lie.

I have decided to manage my time and resources effectively. There is no business; it is just a hobby if you are not serving others or profiting from anything. So, I have decided to make healthy choices, which will benefit me in the long run.

I have spent at least a year in the leather, attire, fabrics, and clothing industry, and I have learned a lot. I have learned that to succeed; you need to be private and hidden from the limelight.

When I try to focus on my most important tasks, I have learned that some very ordinary and minor tasks try to snatch my attention.

I don’t know for sure why these all happen? However, I know that whether I want or don’t, some unavoidable needs my attention. My focus on minor things doesn’t let me complete my most important things that should be on my to-dos list.

The strategy is searching, collecting data while it needs the implementation process, and maybe waiting for something else or someone else to do it. It frustrates me when I see my projects incomplete when the deadlines have already been passed.

I don’t know why I procrastinate, but I know that what I do now is not essential. Still, I am unsure about my commitment. Why am I busy with unimportant tasks that don’t add any value to my personal or professional life?

Although I don’t care what others say about me, I do what I think is right for me, but the lack of consistency comes in my way whenever I want to achieve something.

Persistence and patience are hard skills to acquire, but discipline makes it easy if you dare to pursue your dreams. Living a disciplined life is better than poverty and misery.

I like the motivational quote of Boxing Champion Muhammad Ali, who said one time he hates training. Still, he would motivate himself by convincing his mind that Ali, suffer now and live a champion’s life later.

Miserable life is the curse of an undisciplined life. Life is phenomenal when you start working on yourself. Let me tell you that it is not the world stopping you from achieving your goals but you and only you who is standing in your way to succeeding.

I have learned that human life is dynamic; it doesn’t stop, but it continues its journey no matter if you are laughing or crying. So, whatever happens to you, you are in the front seat to change your direction because this time shall pass.

This year, I have learned that no matter what happens to you, but what you do for, it is what matters.

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