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Labor day is a labor day?

Hey, do you know that we are celebrating Mayday today?

Oh! Then?

Is today labor’s day, dear?

So what?

So what? Today is a holiday.

So this is what you are excited about today?

Of course! Are you not?

No! And no one should be.


Because people murdered were not workers like us, they were laborers, the daily wagers.

Daily wagers cannot afford a holiday.

They are supposed to show up at the work venue regardless of labor’s day or Trump or Imran’s day.

Pakistani labor is the cheapest Labour in the world.

I still remember a viral video of a Pakistani worker in UAE that police caught drinking bears, and the mock cob was investigating him in front of the camera.

That laborer was not fluent in any language, neither in Urdu nor Arabic. English is the language of the elite.

The cameraman was interested in humiliating laborers. And he was crying and convincing police and was offering a bribe to leave him alone.

It is OK to be in the media and celebrate anything at any time, but it is challenging to face the nude face of reality in real life.

Where ever you go, you will listen to crowds of people chanting The mayday. Can anyone ask anyone, what is this mayday means?

I still believe that the martyrs were died in vain.

The policy, rules, and regulations are just there in big books of law and legislation. In-ground realities, only power is real power.

All others are just complimentary; the rule is for laborers, not contractors, employers, and constructors. They can afford law and lawyers.

The laborers can only starve and choose to quit or accept all employers’ humiliations in their interests.

The only law and the order is, “you are fired from this company. Go and see to others for job and work”.

Cheap labor is a norm these days. The new face of this kind of works is freelancers.

They have to choose unacceptable terms and conditions, and in the meantime, the employers disappeared with their work, and they have no clue what to do.

Except complaining freelance website support and their support is always with employers.

The competition and rivalry of companies are just fake games of money concentration. Labors have no meaningful benefits for their work or contributions.

What is the purpose of a holiday on this day?

There is no holiday for laborers in any region globally, locally, and nationally.

Am I still waiting for awarding any laborer for his labor?

Is there any labor of the week, month, or year?

Is there any authority interested in labor’s welfare?

Is there any mechanism for the betterment of laborers and workplace safety?

Daily laborers are drowned in drainage, in mines, and other work-related disasters. What are governments and NGOs doing in this regard?

Is there any law regarding laborers who are denied their daily wages?

Is there any law regarding laborers’ health?

Is there any law regarding labor education and their children’s education?

Is there any law regarding laborers’ food, cloth, and shelter?

Ramzan is near; what are governments stand about prices of foods and beverages?

Prices of petroleum-based items are increasingly high these days. I wonder what the best way to deal with these aspects of laborers is?

I am not against celebrations, but what will these celebrations contribute to labor and their laboring conditions?

Speaking up on these issues is considered treason in this country and the world.

I think the mad crowd is powerful enough to execute anyone so, Listen to my soul! Be quiet! be blind and don’t hear the labors’ cry, tears, blood, and sweat.

Today is labors day, happy labor’s day to laborers!

Ah! Labour’s day is labor’s day?

Let us know when you are going to celebrate it again.

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