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Landing Your Job As A Content Writer?

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How To Land Your Job As A Content Writer?

The one guide you need for landing your job as a content writer

What you can expect in a content writing job interview

Well, it depends on your experience in the field and your education and other qualifications and achievements. However, this is for beginners, intermediate, and advanced level writers so, don’t worry about your level and experience. Education and qualification focus on things you will need in the job interview. Here are some tips you might like to learn and improve your likelihood of hunting down any job related to your skillset.

Formal interview

A formal interview means that your past experiences will be brought into the light. Where did you work? What was your GD (General duty) what was assigned to you? How you coped with the challenges? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Your relationship with your supervisors and subordinates? About your work environments? What is Your average word count? Type of work; project-based, contract-based, part-time. Full time etc.?

Freelancing, blogging, SEO, search engines, editing, and formating tools you have used? Your favorites and dislikes? Your passions and ambitions? Your plans? Your expectations? Your personal and professional growth options? Your fears and motivations? Your inspirations? Your views about life, business, and work?

Don’t worry, my friend, they will not ask you that much in just one interview but be prepared; they can ask you these all too. Be mentally prepared for some organizations to have many formalities, so these were only brief descriptions. The world has yet to explore.


After a formal interview and some organizations prefers tests before the formal interview.  They have various types of tests; aptitude, personality, honesty, responsibility generally behavioral and competency-based tests to assess their interviewee’s literacy, creativity, personality, competency, honesty, commitment, and behaviors, to name it few.

What to do?

Don’t get frustrated and never be frightened, my friend, remember that there is another devil for every level. These tests may consist of these following domain-specific tests to determine your level and expertise.


These tests are generally concerned with parts of speech the context and content specific ranging from the use of parts of speech to correct use of tenses and narrations.


These tests determine how efficiently you do your task; this can be anything from a brochure to a web page, from copy to creative writing, from blog to articles, case studies, research-based essay, resume, graphical representation of your or their ideas, presentation and training scenario, teaching, and acting.

Anything fit in this category might be given to you to gauge how proficient you are in doing what you claim you do; this can be in typing speed, research methodology, searching strategies, organization, strategize, management, either stress, anger, work, or resources, time, and space—handling distractions, dependency and interdependency, behavioral and psychological capabilities, Strengths and weaknesses, skills and talents, hobbies, and interests. Personality and working style. Leadership, delegations, motivation, and work ethics.


If you say you can write a blog, you are given a topic or topics to write. If you do it at a specific time, then you are seen as a competent individual. Who has knowledge, skill, and competence to drive the results they will expect a qualified, social, and likable personality person who loves working what he/she loves and like others their work independently without any negative impact?


Remember, my friend, this one skill I recommend and suggest to everyone who meets me as a writer who may be patient enough to tolerate any inconvenience before or after the interview.


Your profession is full of imposters; they copy and paste the great content of not famous writers and act as if they have written that. Your creativity and originality, persistence, and consistency will give you an edge over these imposters. One of my favorite quotes is that it is better to fail in originality rather than success with copying.

Remember that your original and authentic writer will slowly and steadily win and shine with the following skills.


As a writer, you are creative by default; just a few hours per day training and polishing your skills will pave your path to success top spot. Creativity is the fruit of trials and errors. In creativity, perfection doesn’t exist. It is all about making and creating better versions and nothing else. These hours pay off in the long run. Long term business and professional success lie on the shoulders of creativity. It makes you, shapes you, and mold your personality and skill sets where golden keys lie, and you are the only one to pick them up and open the gates of heavens, paradise, or the top of the treasures, the physical and psychological ones.


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