Learn to Step forward and never quit

Experience has shown us countless times that each step taken in the conquest of fears and doubts is worth taking.

Mistakes are just a new type of learning we all have to embrace. It is awful to feel sorry for yourself, yet not more than self-pity, showing us the doors of hell.

Learning to step forward and never quitting is a long journey of self-fulfillment and self-respect. We, the learning, and evolving creatures know to leave when we stop learning.

Let us stop for a moment and look at what is learning and how it works to keep us motivated and on track in times of struggle and pain?


Learning is a process through which our behaviors change for the good or worse. We can say, in other words, that knowledge is a permanent change in our behavior.

Process of learning

Important is that we all are in the learning process from the cradle to the grave. We learn good and bad alike. However, we understand by doing this, the more we do, the better we know. This process is ongoing the moment we stop learning; we start dying.

Learning to step forward and never quitting needs these steps to ensure. Always remember that,

Perfection exists in minds only

No one is perfect, and no one is imperfect. Perfection doesn’t exist. If it does, it only exists in our minds. Quitting for a model is a path of failure. In reality, there is no such thing as perfection; it is merely improvement.

Seize opportunity

Seize every opportunity and never look down upon you. Build a door so that every chance knock your door. Seizing opportunity means that you are alive, and you are committed to leaving no stone unturned.

Just start; the how will show up on its own

You may be not good at something, but if you start, you will be better someday. But the trick is to start. You can not win the race if you are not on the race line and running with an indication to run.

Be self-confident

It has been proven that only those can succeed in the world who have self-confidence in their abilities. Confidence comes with efforts, struggles, and willingness to win and not lose.

Immunization against rejections

Get used to rejection; because they blur your future insight. To grow, you must accept as many contradictions as you can handle. Only those who have immunization against refusals can succeed in any field.

Be ready for the worst

You must be ready for embarrassment, shame, guilt, and whatever else you want to name. Being prepared for the worst relax you from stress and strain, anxiety, and fears.

Stand-alone and stand last

Be the first to come and the last one to leave, because either you will fight back and win or run and die tired. It is better to fight and die rather than run and die tired, hopeless, and in misery. Let your death wait for you longer.

Decide, the choice is yours

What will a man do on a battlefield when he has a choice to kneel and live or live free and die? Decide for yourself respect, dignity, and honor because the option is yours.

Be ready for rewards

In ages of experience, there is always a reward in bravery, courage, and facing fears. For every level, there is another devil. Whenever you meet the devil of your stage in life’s game, be ready for rewards.

Stay true to yourself 

This is a cornerstone of your life’s motivation and success in your life, stay true to yourself, and don’t lie. If you say that you will be successful yet you show up at every show in the cinema, you are lying to yourself.

If you are studying when others are sleeping, working, and others are partying, you are sincere in your decision to be successful.

Stay true to others

Your legs might be shaking, your voice might be shivering, and you might be choking but stay true to others. You are accountable to others who love and respect you and your passion and profession. This way, you will never lose sight of your success and motivation.


Learning to Step forward and never quitting is not easy; however, it is merely the steps involved if there is no reason for lack in any domain to settle for less. The desiring deserves anything; this is a message of the Law of attraction and the Alchemist.

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