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Why Life is unexpected my friend?

I can speak of my life experiences and learn it through other’s lives that life is unexpected, open-ended and too much unreliable that you cannot expect anything from it. I have learned that whatever you plan there must be some room for unexpected. Uncertainty and unexpected outcomes are an important part of life. We are supposed to work today to brighten our future. But for most of us, the future has finished in advance.

We are too scared to be manipulated, however, we are not aware of the potential we have to survive. Creative minds have ideas worth living. They don’t assess the environment to adjust but also ready to mold the fine fabric of it to adjust to their needs. We are living in the age where we have numerous opportunities to grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

We are now moving forward with the electronic economy, e-education, e-health, e-banking, and e-services. Now it’s not important, where you are or from where you are? If you want to learn you can everywhere anytime. While crying for everything which gives you pleasure now, can get you to sorrow in the future. The question is what you want to do with your life?

Are you ready for any change or you are here to cry like babies for instant comfort? I have a very simple solution for such incidents or tragedies of life and it goes like this, whatever will come to me will be better than what I am dealing with now. I have the ability to do whatever I want to through courage, persistence and will power I have. My intention is to let you know that I have more power within you that you have ever imagined.

Don’t stick in the rat race. Break the spell of mediocrity, status quo and do not stick with being an average persona. Think of yourself as special and unique. You will attract through your struggle and daring way of life all that you have wished for. Don’t run from life, run towards it. Live your legacy. Stop crying let situations cry for you. Don’t discourage by No’s and rejections let rejections cry for you.

Don’t let others behaviors destroy your inner peace. Be a peaceful warrior and fight for yourself and others with unexpected hardships of life. Success is your destiny then. Persistence is the key. Patience is a wise tool to fight life challenges. Its design of life you must design your plan to win.

Stay blessed…!

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