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Why the game of Life is worth playing and how to live your life with no regrets?

Why the game of Life is worth playing, and how to live your life with no regrets?

The game of Life

Human life is a game, and you have to decide whether you want to be a player or a spectator. Most of us are spectators. This game is worth playing. Instead of hardships and difficulties, frustrations, stress, and pain, focus on life mission by whole heart, see inside you.

What is your passion, money, creativity, service, education, art, or anything else that focuses your energy on that purpose?  You will wonder how all worries, sorrows, and regrets vanish. As the lovely saying goes,” with all your heart, find a reason for your life and then give all energy to it.”

Why people regret it?

Whenever we talk to someone and ask them, what are the reasons for not pursuing their goals? Reasons they give are countless; however, one of the most prominent is fear. Fear of failure is paralyzing the human race not to accomplish what they want to achieve.

Second is not taking risks; people are not risk-takers; they are comfortable with their pain, misery, and misfortune but are not ready to live in their comfort zone to do what they want to do. As Pausch says in his last lecture, “on the death bed, you will not regret what you do but what you didn’t do.”

What to do?

Do whatever you want to do. The universe is abundant. Get rid of scarcity mentality. Remember that this universe is for you; you are not for this universe. You are the master of your destiny. Suppose you want something, and you listen to No’s and rejections. In that case, it means that you are doing something exciting and valuable than other people do not have such a vision to look future in advance, and you are the one who is writing the history of your future.

Once, while rejecting my fellowship, an organization responds to me via email, “Dear candidate! You are doing very great work to influence great change in your society, don’t stop, keep it up”. Instead of rejection, I focused on the good, and I believe that somewhere someone will offer me a job not for the reason of money but just for a support system to achieve my long-term goals. There is always growth in pain. If you are experiencing pain, do something with it, let it push you to greatness and deep inside your heart, still believe that one day will be your day.

Living Life with no regrets

If you are working on yourself day in and day out, then believe in yourself that one day will be your day. This pain, frustration will not be forever, it will be for a minute, day, month, or year, but this will not be forever. Think big, do big, write great but start with small; your destiny is success. Take full responsibility for your life.

Stop blaming anyone else for your shortcomings. Never mask your mistakes. Excuses are not for you.  Expectations from others are not for you. External sources cannot give you happiness, joy, fulfillment; if you are waiting for others to provide you with love, joy, pleasure, and happiness, then you are on the wrong road.


My friend, you have to come back to yourself. No one in this universe can give you love, joy happiness if it is not present in you. Stop running from yourself. Success is not a trophy for which you work hard once in your life; it is a process, a journey, not a destiny. Live in the present where you can achieve love, peace, and prosperity in your gift.

Don’t postpone your happiness for some future achievement. Live today; you will regret it if you missed today’s joy. Past has gone, future is in doubt, work for it, plan for it. Dream for it, but live each moment as it is your last moment.

Live with passion and surprise. I hope you live a life of no regrets.

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