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How To Live A Life Of Passion?

How to live a life of passion?

It is hard to choose our passion, nurture it, and leave a profession that doesn’t support our passion. Our passion will surround us with joy, happiness, and satisfaction. It will give us hope and belief that will sparkle when challenged by the darkness of daily routine. This is why it has been suggested that we leave our profession.

At times we will see ourselves wasting our time and energy on things that don’t have any good impacts on us and others. We will be bored with repetitions of tasks we have to do. We will confirm society’s conditioning. We will accept the world around us just the way it is, and we will settle for less and will destroy every piece of energy and enthusiasm we have about our dreams and passions.

Most of us are feed up with our daily routine. Where we are living just for bills, and our main focus is to survive, nothing else. Every day we see beggars, but no one can give them. Although they are professionals, we have lost humanity. We have lost all values and virtues and traditions of society. We have lost everything precious. We have lost everything we valued, and things meant something to us.

We are no longer bothered by poverty. Once and for all, we have lost connection with our society. The beasts around us have tricked us all into depending on them for our vital activities of life. The police will come if someone died or is murdered during fights. After the murder, they will be there to collect remains; however, they could save precious lives if they came earlier.

We have given our security to the hands of those who themselves are not secure. Safety, protection, food supply, traveling, gathering, housing are given to beasts to devour us. The question was not and is not whether we depend on these beasts are not. We have lost the real essence of being human. Not because we rely on beasts, but instead, we lost passion and stuck in the profession.

We no longer believe in our abilities; we only look at giant beasts to deliver us our present and trick our future. They know each and everything about our past. They want and force us to forget everything we know so that they can make us believe that; what humanitarian values mean? What is privacy? Which is, in a real sense, piracy? Philanthropy is a charity to people whose wealth is in their hands, claws, paws, and jaws.

They want us to give a picture of our instinctual attraction while hiding a story running behind in the background from the media. They have conditioned us to go with the flow, not to create anything, which is a rebellion; this is a time to say that enough is enough; we must go back and start acting like this is our last day on earth.

No one can ever convince us to leave slavery; only we can do so. We can choose to leave victimizations; we can go without apologizes, sorrow, and grief. We can escape misery, poverty, and slavery. We have been given the dignity of choice. We can be, can do, and can choose whatever we want to.

The choice of destiny has been given to us. We are the masterpieces. These strokes of daily hardships and struggles are just to finalize us. We are free to choose and free to see the consequences of our choices. We are here to create, not to drink, eat, and sleep. We are here for a specific reason. We have to give back to our community something worthwhile.

In search of meaning, when we come to know that we have a choice to live our passion and make it our profession or leave the job and start living our passions. It takes courage to choose passion over a career, but our journey makes history once we do.

Uncertainty, taking risks, and embracing our fears makes us humans; other than choice, all other things we share are the same as other animals have. We must rise from the level of animals to the level of humanity. That’s why passion is essential to push us to greatness.

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