How To Live Your Life Now?

How to live your Life now?

Some battles are so dangerous that it can shake your reality, i.e., trust, broken heart, shatter hope by rejections, work, and life balance, passion and profession differences, and last, the burning desire to be better than yesterday.

However, what I believe is that you have a genius within you. Never give up, keep going, stumble across the way of your goals, accept that you were weak, and accept that you failed but this was not what you wanted to happen. Go back and make your ideal your rival.

Everyone is happy when they have what they want; but to get what you want, you have to fight to win, and most of the time, it is not the other people against whom you have to fight; to everyone, it is a small fight where either you kill or die. However, when the battlefield is within you, you neither kill nor die; you will have to survive out of all fights inside you.

No one can help you in your inner fights. No one can rescue you; even most importantly, no one is aware of your battles, struggles, and daily knockouts by life, dreams, bills dichotomy, and society’s asymmetrically unfairness. It is not economic, social, political setups that fails you as an individual. It is only you that fails you again and again.

Blaming is easy, complaining is easy, scapegoating is easy; playing the victim is easy, self-pity is easy, but it is hard to stand up and fight for liberty. It is hard to fight for justice in an unjust world. It is hard to fight poverty. It is hard to fight for your land, dreams, passion, and profession. It is hard to handle just the tragedies of life. It is hard to go for every opportunity, and you stumble upon rejections.

When you listen to them:

“Sorry, we need a more experienced person than you.”

“Sorry, but you are overqualified.”

“Sorry, you are not eligible for this job.”

“Sorry, but you are not smart enough and suitable for this job.”

“We don’t have a position available for you.”

“Whatever you will write to us, your name will be mentioned as a writer.”

It is hard to go from rejection after rejection and saying to your family, teachers, and friends you have rejected again. It is hard when all the prayers of your parents and others come back also unanswered. It is hard when you qualify all exams with great success, and you are rejected for the things beyond your control.

When you are rejected only for your color, race, background, attitudes, and aptitudes or so-called psychological tests, it is hard when you work under corrupt, underachievers, meritless and undereducated people.

It is hard when you want to laugh, dance, kiss, and hug someone, and you receive a report card of so-called medical tests that this person has only a few days to live by your side, and you will lose him or her too soon than you can handle. It is hard when you have just established your mark on this world, and you are told by doctors that your time is finished.

I know these all are hard; however, these all are worth it to get back and fight for your life, freedom, security, opportunities, present, future, your land, causes, dreams, goals, with your death, society, justice systems, systems victimizing you, terrorizing you and brutally dehumanizing you.

It is easy to forget whatever you have to do; however, it takes courage to turn anything around. A long walk to freedom takes the courage to take. To reach the heavens, you must have wings of fire. To free your people from oppression, you will have to walk on the lines of fire.

Your father’s dreams, prayers of your mother, sisters, brothers, and others attached to you will follow you in your journey of achieving goals and dreams. The last words of mine are that, whatever goals and objectives you want to achieve, “go get them; they are yours.”

Perfect timing is just this moment, no other moment in the future. Yesterday is dead; tomorrow is in doubt; live your life now!

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