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How To Live Your Life In The Moment Now

Life is this moment; live your life now.

The present is life, the past was life, and the future will be in life. While sitting here in a quiet room with my solitude, I concluded by analyzing my past and experiencing my present, and imagining my future; that this moment is real life, which is alive and present. The past has no control over it; the end does not influence it; this is real life, a real asset of energy which can prove past right or wrong again; this is a master of destiny; it can redesign the past and shape the future to come as expected. Today is the key.

Most of us are busy collecting material life toys and are ignorant that we are limitless, and we are powerful beyond measure. We have potential which can realize any dream which may have been waiting for centuries for a person who would be ignorant of the impossible and make it happen. Naysayers are a part of this game of life. No business or a movement that has impacted society would be able to do so until any critic or naysayer criticized it. They devised a plan and then stuck to it to realize and materialize what was impossible for centuries.

The present has the power to design and architect our future. Success, fame, contribution, and leadership are all results of the present. The present is a gift of God, and we are bound to give it back to Him. Our gift to Him must be beautiful, unique, and worthwhile to present it to Him.  A mind shift can impact our lives more.

Our words are seeds and fruits of our struggles and hardships. Words are powerful. Even God has created this universe by words “when he says be it will be,” it changes into being from nothingness.

We can easily conclude that we can live this day and moment. All other dimensions of time are critical; they have their significance. However, both are dead if the present is lost or this moment is lost. Don’t let lost from you. We have only this moment which can transform us if it has gone each and everything has gone.

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