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How To Live A Fearless Life?

Why we must keep faith and live a fearless life?

It’s necessary to live the life of contribution. It’s important to leave a legacy. What are you waiting for? Why you are wasting your time? My message to myself and people around me is very simple and clear- live life before you die. Be loin, the leader and jump into the darkness of insecurities, doubt, shame, failure, and rejection. Keep the faith and burning desire to live a prosperous and healthy life.

All of us have fears bigger than our circumstances. We think that we are finished we think that our game is over. We think that there is no hope we think that whatever is going on in our lives is just the end of everything and anything we are passionate about. But the game is not over yet because you are alive your last breath has yet to come. Don’t run from it run towards it.

Most of us are just busy wasting our time and resources on unimportant things which don’t matter in the long run. We must have faith because this faith gives us patience, courage, strength, happiness, and willingness to work with pain, disappointment, and illusion we have created about us due to negative perceptions of our society, which society imposed us.

Faith is necessary to survive in unbearable circumstances where we say to ourselves to quit, accept failure at face value, to impose a ban on ourselves. This is not a true way of life. Fears are just those illusions of our minds that we created to justify our laziness. We are mirrors of ourselves. We can dodge all of the people some of the times but we can’t lie to ourselves even not for once.

Our body language hasn’t learned lies, the truth is revealed through our covert behavior. Psychology of mind doesn’t allow us to be lazy enough to burn our chances. Our psyche is always against pain. It doesn’t tolerate the pain of disappointment. Failure means you are not ready yet to achieve or maintain your success. Go back and come back again and again and again.

Believe that this is not the end of the world. Failure means readjustment, Change of plans and strategies, not goals. Believe that one day will be yours if you don’t quit now. This is an urge every successful person has felt it not to accept failure, not to quit, not to silence the whispers of your inner self. Come back and fight for those dreams on which you believe.

Faith is essential if not you can’t go too far. It’s a faith that enlightens you to take the first step in darkness. To not fear risks and keep only hope for light at the end of the darkness that surrounds you. Keep the faith and live a fearless life. Tipu Sultan said in his last moments to his friends, ” It is far better to live one day of a lion than 100 years of the Jackal.” Fearlessness is a gift of a faithful heart and soul. In order to live a fearless life, we must keep faith and hope for the best.

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