Love And The Secrets Of The Universe and Life

Love and the mysteries of the universe and life

Life is just like a pendulum- to and fro are its secrets. Sadness and happiness are just its two faces; it shows to us. I have seen and listened to people complaining about their lives that they haven’t seen happiness and prosperity.

Most of us don’t know that sadness and happiness are just states of mind that can be changed. It is a subjective case. Thank everyone and everything, it takes years to realize that we had that specific gift, and we didn’t know it. Regrets then step in, and our minds trick us into misery and self-criticism. The superego starts its blaming game.

We as a whole don’t know what to do with our lives. Our lives sometimes seem like a mesh or jigsaw; we cannot figure out what the hell we are heading to. Indecisiveness pops up and leads us to spectators of our lives rather than active players. We start looking at our weaknesses and discrepancies and cannot see the future ahead of us bright, shinning, and worthy of seeing with joy. Loving and living and fearing to live are two opposite mindsets.

We are living in a society where being average makes us eligible for rewards. Being different above makes us eligible for rewards. Above or below average, being other makes us the target of bullying, torture, and shame. Today’s modern society admires the past’s geniuses but shamelessly and ruthlessly rejects and scolds today’s intellectuals.

Now, this is the classic hypocrisy of our age. Naturally, we are connected. However, this loneliness is not the absence of social relationships but the absence of that specific relationship to say whatever you have to say.

Secrets surround our world; these secrets are all around us to unveil them and share them with humanity. We must stand up and speak up because the grave is not a suitable place to go with secrets. It’s not our fault to misinterpret secrets. However, it is our fault not to discover the undiscovered secrets in our lives.

We can tap our potentials by step towards love. Love hurts; there is no doubt in this, but this hurt is far better than the pain of hate and regret. Hatred burns everything in its surroundings. God has given one holy thing to us humans, and it is love. Hate comes after it. I intend to provide you with a message of love.

I am concerned with the creative power of love. I have listened to a lot of people,” well! These facts are known to children as well,” and my reply is always like this, “yet seventy years old are struggling to do it.” I am the great advocate of self-love to the level that, at times, I think that I am upraising the narcissistic tendencies of this society.

However, diving deep into its meanings and researching its various aspects, I concluded that love starts from oneself. The claim of loving others without loving oneself is just a daydream, and it is not authentic but fake.

Love starts testing us before it starts opening its secrets to us. Love is beyond words; however, stories always strive to define and explain it without sinking in the ocean of love and understanding the language of love. Poetry is indeed the language of love, but if it is complaining, jealously insisting for the lover’s attention to me, it is not then.

Love is the name of surrender and accepting anything from beloved. This is the only path where no guide can guide you. If you are willing to love, it can unveil its charms and secrets to you. In that situation, you don’t need approval even from yourself. You become love and exist in love to be love at the end.

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