Love, lust, and pain; Why love hurt us?

Love, lust, and pain; Why love hurt us?

Love and Lust

Love does indeed hurt, but what about lust? Does it hurt too? The expectation of lovers and beloved are the basic underlying mechanisms that try to stretch and give pain to you, me, and us.

Thanks again for all the lessons learned in love. A life full of love and pain is a life worth living. It gives us the courage to decide and avoid, live or leave, and live or die.

It makes us vulnerable to all the possibilities of hurt, pain, and sleepless nights and worrisome days. It is full of drama, action, tragedy, and comedy.

There were times when love was worshiped in history, now ego is honored, and love is regarded as useless in the modern economy and society.

It is easy to hate; you can express it in public, but love is forbidden, and it can only be expressed through instant messaging.

Love was never cheap at any time like this one. It has nothing in common with the past days. Romeo and Juliet and stories of such nature are familiar in every culture, but the rare thing is finding such characters alive.

We can only know when they choose to die for love or commit suicide in love.

Sometimes I wonder,

Why is love so painful?

Why it hurts people?

Why hurt and pain of love needs no cure except beloved smile and care?

My conclusions are;

We feel hurt and pain due to a lack of understanding and knowledge of love and its stages. We attach and expect too much. This makes us anxious and stressed.

Many people give up on the one-yard line

They start thinking that love is not for them; they resign and settle for life’s random observations and experiences. They give up the process of transformation, trial, and errors as well as experimentation.

I have seen a lot of people leaving love and relationships with just first failure or rejection.

In reality, there is no such thing as failure in love.

Love itself is life

Life doesn’t depend on failure or success. It depends on the process, not the result or destination.

For love, there is only one failure, which is fear. In love, even death can’t separate one from others. Love seems to be immortal, and it will live forever. While forever is a long time, it has chances of getting and winning life and death.

We feel hurt when our expectations don’t meet the needs and requirements of love

Life and the universe have their unique laws of nature, and it doesn’t compromise anything for individuals. These are individuals who are interested in comprising their time and effort to get everything in love.

You create illusions, and your ego won’t let you surrender

Love demand surrender in its first stage, knowledge demands in the last step. That’s why we see more knowledgeable people but few Loving people.

Surrender is not an easy task accepting the unacceptable, avoiding the unavoidable, and doing the impossible.

Playing the game

Life is a game of love and fear; first, we learn to love than fear. After learning anxiety, we avoid love at any cost because fear makes us think that love is not for everyone. It may be accurate, but we as humans can’t survive and thrive without love.

Love is a Music

Love is a song everyone repeatedly sang; those who fail to understand the lyrics or their rhythm do not match the others beat start to finish the game of hiding and seeking love and respect.

Final words

To me, love is unconditional respect for others and oneself. It is better to do research, but love is not interested in knowing; what you are looking, doing, and talking about; however, it does see whether you will give up at the first sign of things that are not what you expected. It also knows that whether you will stick to love and obey love in every aspect.

If you want to avoid pain and hurt in love, expect nothing, demand nothing, and experience nothing but love. Let love surround you and guide you to your greatness.

What do you think?

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