My writing journey from start to now

My writing journey from start to now

My Writing Journey from start to Now

The universe made up of opportunity, miracles, and coincidence where words are more powerful than actions. It interest every sane person who has a keen eye for nature, natural phenomenon and the birth of creativity.

For the last ten years, I am concerned with words. Wordsmithing is rewarding in the sense that it directs us to our unlimited potentials.

Today, I want to discuss some of the main points about my writing, and life as a writer.

Let me take you in the background, where I started this journey and I don’t know for sure where it is going to take me. Although I don’t want to be a billionaire through writing. But the lesser is not on my list.

This all started when I was in my third grade when I was nominated for speech competition in our school. It was the turning point for me to develop an interest in reading books even beyond my grasp.

I am always thankful and proud of my dad because he had a great taste of books. I started reading books and I had an Oxford dictionary with me as well as the Urdu dictionary named Firoz ul lughat. My father thought me how to use a dictionary.

At first, I started reading religious books, then I transitioned to literature, as a great fan of Dr. Iqbal the poet of the east, my father had every single book of him except the Persian ones. So, I started reading all those books. After reading all those books I started reading daily newspapers.

My father as a teacher and educational instructor had a keen interest in my personal and intellectual excellence and he tried to nourish it with questions and discussion.

My cross-questioning were handled by him patiently. I had a lot of questions like every child I was curious about everything. I feel sorry about those times when I think about the past. I was hard on my parents especially father and teachers.

At those times my cross-questioning would annoy people especially my teachers. However, I never stopped asking and I never quit learning. Up to this date, I am a curious student of life and everything around me. Now there is a difference that now I ask myself questions and then try to answer those questions.

When I was in grade five I started performing in my school co-curriculum activities including, speech competition, acted in dramas, started joining school basketball, football and badminton team.

As a result, I was chosen as the head proctor of our school. In the absence of PTI (Physical training instructor), I was responsible to carry on activities of assembly giving them cautions. I was first to come and last to leave.

It played a vital role in my leadership abilities and motivated and inspired me to set an example for others. It helped me to relieve my own abilities. It boosted my confidence and my questions become more fierce because now they were backed with references.

My favorite place in the school was now a library. I left games, other activities and devoted myself to reading. Taking notes and quoting references in my conversation among my school mates and teachers made me more prominent, and intellectually challenging to them. Now they prepared lessons and came to face my questions.

In those years we had a music teacher named Sanober khan thrilled my imagination for writing humorous poetry for our upcoming school event. It kicked me to start writing. Then I started writing diaries, in my eighth grade, I started writing essays and poetry both in English and Urdu.

In 9th and 10th grade I started writing features for magazines. In college, my essays were popular among teachers and students as well as the examiners would appreciate my style of writing in language and literature classes. It made me more keen to study books. Sometimes I missed the classes just to complete what I had to start reading.

In our academy, we were blessed with thousands of books. I was the only person there reading those books which were abandoned for decades. I do remember I issued a book that was previously issued in the 1980s and I was issuing it in 2009.

It would be not a Justice if I didn’t mention the roles of librarians they cooperated with me in my exploring process of world of books.

I wished I had a superpower of reading, I always thought and still think that so that life is too short, our time is limited but there are more books to read.

I have a dream that the technology to be so advanced that we could download and install unlimited books in our limitless mindS to know what is possible for us.

Alas, I may not be able to see this happen in my life but I hope our next generation, will see this miracle happening.

I owe special thanks to my teacher and social worker Ghulam Hussain, who and his colleagues build the library in our home town, which was the first nursery for my interest and creativity to blossom.

I also owe my special thanks to my friend Khaizar Haider who provided me dozens of books from their library. A special thanks go to my father for paying my books, giving me space to read and write.

After college, I left home town and took admission to the university and its big collection of books made me a fan of it. Departmental, seminar libraries helped me preparing for success in my academic subjects and nurturing my creativity. I am thankful to all librarians there, I was the first person there and the last one to leave upon their requests.

In my personal library, I have collected hundreds if not thousands of books. After an introduction to digital books, I had a great collection of books too. For this year I have selected more than 2 thousand books for the next 5 to 10 years while doing my business.

Authoring and editing more than a hundred books and dozens of titles to work on to publish as ebooks, audio or paper and hardcover books on academics, education, business, politics, psychology, society, religion, success, and motivation. Apart from this, I write daily blogs and other content for websites and blogs.

This was my journey and there is no sure destination, however, I still think that in my grave or life after death will be just a passage to a great library where every book will be available. And there will be no call for daily chores and I will read forever.

What do you think about my journey, let me know in the comments below.. See you next time.

Senior copy and content writer, author, editor, and researcher at AromaNish, specializing in Psychology with an impact on information technology. As a writer, he writes about business, literature, human psychology, and technology in blogs and websites for clients and businesses. He enjoys writing, reading, and traveling when he is not here with us.

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