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What is the number one Killer of our dreams and hopes? Procrastination..!

Most of the times, we are not aware of our procrastination. This dangerous and destructive habit, suck our soul of productivity and creativity. We lose 90% to 95% of our potential because of it. We wait until and unless we are forced to do something.

The work or creation which was due in May of the previous year it is still due in this year. The questions which should be answered years ago are still unanswered. Most of us wait for some perfect time or situation or individual to do our most important tasks in life.

Our main concern is to concentrate 100% of our time, resources and energies on urgent but not important works. We don’t have time to understand, why we do these things we do. All hopes and inspirations vanish when we listen to our doctor that we have to die in a short period of time.

Then we remember we have lost our lives in the rat race and we have lost our talents, skills to earn a living which was only hand to mouth. I think death is the most important motivational factor in our lives. We do and people who did something for humanity were aware that they will leave this place and in this short period they made impossible, possible.

Anyone who is interested in living life of contribution must avoid perfectionist’s view of the life of procrastination. It’s up to you to value your time which is life; you will not take time for granted. It is a basic unit of life or existence on this planet. Don’t waste your precious time. Go and create your own world from scratch.

Whatever you have experienced along life’s journey is a blessing. By procrastination, you block your own path towards mental, emotional and financial freedom.
Stay tuned and blessed. Keep going…

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