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Philosophy Of Pain And Its Necessity To Succeed

Every Pain Needs a Name

You are nothing as compared to where you want to go. Life is simple but not easy; every warrior must know that. A peaceful warrior is a warrior of will and determination. I oppose this notation of temporary pain. The pain of constant level at a continuous pace is essential for wroth. We only grow when we are in pain.

Pain pushes us to change everything around us. Our brain is not designed for pain; the more painful the experience, the more brain avoids it. However, the reward of pain, in the end, convinces the brain that the problem of a certain level is necessary for growth. I am a great fan of Nietzsche’s notation of pain, and it says, the stages of conversion of pain into spirituality are excruciating.

To grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually we need to accept pain and appreciate it in our lives to succeed in life, career, and education. We live in a world of probability; the chances of success are equal to that of a failure. This world and nature are both fair, only we the human,s or unfair to ourselves. Injustices are an invention of us. Nature favors those who seek it along with hard work, dedication and looking for opportunities showing up daily.

We all are the fortunate children of nature. In life, there is no such thing as natural or artificial selection. Adaptation to change is the nature of every living thing. Although we live in hell and we all are heading to hell according to the majority of relics and so-called religious representatives of God; however, those of us who believe that heaven is our destiny maybe not be so wrong.

The vital aspect of pain is that it shows us that we are alive. Without pain, you can forget that you are alive. God is dead for those who are not in despair; just ask those in pain what they say while crying when they are in pain. They call God for his mercy. They think that God can relieve their pain.

As a health care worker, I have counseled a lot of people about their pain. However, the only thing I have learned from my experience with people experiencing mental distress or physical pain is that pain is an alarm saying that we need to seek help from those who can help us.

The unbearable pain makes us seek professionals for help. The cry out for help is the only way we can walk for our comfort. But, my piece of caution is that it may not be for an existential or conscious choice of pain because they are necessary for our survival.

Some pain should be left untouched for better chances of success and survival. The growth-oriented individuals are always interested in striving for their maximum performance. They need pain for success. The intellectuals, writers, politicians, entrepreneurs, and inventors need pain for their accomplishments.

Students need the pain to succeed in their exams. This pain keeps them awake in the middle of the night when everyone and even the smart devices and productivity apps say to them to sleep it is too late to be awake but still choose to keep studying because the pain of failure is more than sleepless nights. He knows that someday these sleepless nights will pay off.

The freelancer knows that until and unless he finishes this project, he can’t sleep. The writer knows that the finished story will do something for people caught up in similar situations. Thus some pain must be there for creativity, innovation, and education. The day all problems are gone, creativity, design, and knowledge will also die. Humans will no longer be humans, but only biological machines work for only food, cloth, and shelter.

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