Why success is the result of Persistence and patience

Persistence is the key to riches. I wrote this post two years ago, but I think it is relevant to the evergreen literature you will find here on our blog. It is the constant work put to a plan to bear its fruits.

I am a living example, and I have seen many experiences in my personal and professional lives. Here I want to share some of them. I engaged to a girl who didn’t lose hope in my love and commitment. It took us eight years of constant struggle and patience that we are now together.

If it were not this Persistence, I would give up, but what I was repeatedly telling my mind, heart, and soul that if my soul mate can wait for that much, why can’t I?

At last school years, I decided that I have to complete my higher education, and I stick to this decision for more than a decade, and now I have complete it. Everyone was convincing me that higher education is not for me.

I listen to all of them, but I only obeyed my heart because this is the place that leads me to everywhere. I am proud of my decision and persistence in sticking to them in any struggle; I never lose hope. I have seen many people, businesses, and leaders fail in the grand design of success because they don’t dare to stand on their decisions.

Now let us talk about professional life when I started writing for the publications I was in my college years. In graduation as an avid learner and active participant of my minors, I excelled at mass communication and special education.

My psychology major helped me see the inner layer of emotions and journalism ideas, the popular name for mass communication. It also helped me to realize the differences between students and learners on extremes. The abnormal the below-average and paranormal above normal. The individual needs of gifted and unique is a topic that fascinates me even today.

When I look back on all those years, I see that I am the person of my patience and Persistence. If I lacked these two, I would not be as much success as I am today. What I learned in my long journey of personal and professional struggle is that if you are persistent and patient enough to bear any difficulty, hardships, pain, and resistance, then the world will be at your feet praising your glory.

How easy is it to give up in the first sign of resistance? How sweat and fruitful it is to eave legacy, and as the saying goes, Rome is not a work of one day, the estates are also that essential stubborn steps that need patience and Persistence to develop and maintain it.

Success is a lonely road, and you have to chase your dreams and ideas all alone. There is no one to come to the rescue and even no one to extend the hands of support. You have to find alone and win your victory over your fears and doubts first. Then fight with the enemies outside that don’t let you grow and improve yourself.

In conclusion, you can say that if you want to succeed in any field or domain of life, remember that it needs Persistence and patient. There is nothing to worry about if you have it, but don’t step into hot waters if you haven’t. If you dare to do so, then have the courage to overcome any challenges that you face.

That is all for now. Let me know what you think about this in the comments below. See you at the top where winners and achievers live. Stay blessed. Have a beautiful day ahead.

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