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Why Persistence is the master key to riches, freedom, and success?

Why Persistence is the master key to riches, freedom, and success?

Why Persistence is the master key to riches, freedom, and success?

Standing for your worth, choosing to fight for your cause, defending your rights, and, most importantly, the courage to wait to win. Persistence is the master key to winning. Suppose you have to chase and hunt down your dreams from history, past, and now in the present.

People crazy enough to persist in the face of adversity, the No’s and rejections are the people who win. Evils, failure, and No’s and contradictions cannot stand for a long time; they are temporary inconveniences.

Behind any successful venture is persistence. Behind any success is it and behind any permanent failure is lack of it. It is a turning point for any movement, campaign, strategy, policy, and plan. The decision to stand up and fight or run and hide to save life and sacrifice honor, dignity, and self-respect lie in this master key.

Anyone can predict their and others’ success and failure just by checking their persistence. It is like oxygen, a supply to which to brain in tough times will pave one’s path to a life of productivity and contribution. We have seen talented and genius people having brilliant ideas for creativity, innovation, and inventions; however, they lack this master key to riches. They lose very quickly.

They fight for temporary gains; they burn their opportunities for short term pleasures. Thus they fail miserably in the long run due to a lack of persistence. I have counseled countless times; for years as a counselor, I have observed that counseling only worked when both parties persist and stick to their commitments.

It’s necessary to sort out which goals you can persist for more extended periods; it will show a glimpse of your future. It’s OK to fail again and again, but if you stay, no matter how late, but in the end, you will achieve massive success. In my life’s journey, I have discovered that, no matter what you are doing, in which profession and passion you involve yourself, if you are not evolving one step further, daily: You are doomed to fail.

Failure may have materialized consequences; however, it is a purely psychological phenomenon. Failure is another name for quitting, giving up, and not standing up for one’s right to succeed. It’s giving up from whatever you have stood for. The way to deal with failure is to persist. The journey may seem to go through hell, but at the final steps, the door of paradise will be wide open for you to choose.

Persistence is a way of life; it is committed to doing it no matter the consequences. The courage to take the first step in belief and another step will lead you to greatness. It is vital to have an impact on humanity. Persist in your goals; these goals will lead you to your greatness.

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